Monday, February 04, 2008

Assam's ULFA's New Sympathiser:- Raj Thakrey

You can call it my guilty pleasure but when Jobless politicians like Raj Thakrey attacks national fabric of India , I feel compelled for writing something up. Raj Thackrey has attacked something which is very much dear to me , its idea of my Mother India where every patriotic Indian citizen enjoys bounty given by his/her mother irresctive of caste, color and religion. His absurd ranting where he accused Big B of doing things to UP and not to Maharashtra seemed like he just wanted to be in limelight as no one listens to him these days. He gave lots of people hope when Uddhav Thakrey wasn’t able to handle Shiv Sena well. But Uddhav’s show at recent municipality elections showed that he has matured as good politician. I don’t have much regard for Shiv Sena as I just think that these types of parties don’t serve the national interest as they are confined to one regional state and not even doing good enough for that state. I had some respect for Mr Bal Thakrey but I got fed up with his antics and changing attitudes. It seemed he needed constant opponents to push his own agenda to be in power at any cost. Like he started off with agitations against Gujaratis and South Indians in late 1960s, than moved on to hate muslims in 1980s and 1990s and now North Indians are his latest targets. I fail to understand this stupid sense of politics. I don’t know why these politicians don’t understand that India as a nation is above all petty politics.

He opposed Bangladeshi infiltrators; I stood with him because it was a national cause. But driving out our fellow countrymen from so called Maratha land is as stupid thing as asking all H1s and L1s from India to leave US forever. In this regard Thakreys are acting more like ULFA militants in Assam who are also doing the same thing with north Indians there.. Now Raj Thakrey.. I did some research on him and found that he is a property builder and holds big chunk of land in Central Mumbai and other locations. Cost of the flats that he is developing more than 2 crore rupees. Now please tell me how many Marathi Manus will be able to buy his flats at this cost?? At least Big B has build a school in poor district of UP but what this guy has done even for his own Aamchi Mumbai, even after holding this much land there. I think he must have started donating his developed flats to marathi manus from across the world in Mumbai, if he was so true to his so called maratha cause. This stupid regional politics is not good for India. If this thing is understood by a common person like me than why politicians like Raj Thakrey don’t understand this. In greed of votes they are going to any extent. They wont even hesitate to sell their own mother if this can give them votes. That is why my hope lies with Narendra Modi. Even at his peak in 2002, he hasn’t said any thing which targets Muslim community as whole. He stood against Anti nationals whosoever they are. I think his Grand Rally at Shivaji Park in Mumbai in month of January has got all Thakrey guys worried about their survival. As I think senior thakrey knows that his days are numbered and his son Uddhav doesn’t have that much capability and command to lead shiv sena. It all comes down to Raj Thakrey and he knows it, so he is just taking the initial steps to fill the gap and prepare ground for his big launch. But I think in the end its all going to be Modi.. and all parties in India except some in south and BSP are going to fight for their survival. Shiv Sena is going to be first victim of this surging BJP.

I would just like to urge these politicians that India is one and its interest should be kept above everything. Biggest threat to India are anti nationals and Raj Thakrey doing exactly same as ULFA in Assam isn’t different. He should be put behind the bars but wait this will make him martyr for the cause and I think the best response to this type of publicity stunt is to better avoid it. He did it for the publicity and news hungry media seized up on the opportunity to boost TRP ratings. The best reply to his ranting was to avoid and deny him the publicity he wanted to have. I think he succeeded this time but media should watch and shouldn’t play in this stupid politician’s cheap gimmicks.

India today is in need of likes of Swami Vivekananda, Rani LakshmiBai, Shivaji, MahaRana Pratap, Subhash Chandra Bose, Rajguru, Lokmanya Tilak and Bhagat Singh and not some publicity hungry Raj Thakrey. I fail to understand what this marathi or any other regional pride is all about. Mumbai is made from sweat and blood of all the Indian citizens and no one alone can stake a claim on national resources. If regional pride is that strong than let me suggest a more radical and absurd thought. Bengali chauvinists everywhere should stop worshipping Ma Durga, Marathi chauvinists everywhere should stop worshipping Lord Ganesha, Gujarati chauvinist everywhere should stop worshipping Swami Narayan and Lord Krishna, Tamil chauvinists everywhere should stop worshipping Lord Shiva and Lord Murugan, Assamese chauvinists everywhere should stop worshipping Kamakhya Devi… Why?? Because all these God’s adobe is north up in Himalaya’s.. Now you see the absurdity of logic of Raj Thakrey’s ranting. Once again I would like to say that idea of India is too precious to be maligned like this. I hope the better sense prevail and indian’s look things as they are. Lokmanya Tilak, Subhash Chandra Bose, Chandrashekhar Azad, Subramaniyam Bharti, Ashfaqullah Khan didn’t give their life to save any Maratha, Bangla, Bhaiyya, Tamil or muslim. They gave their life so that India can live. Lets not let them down. We owe these great souls a Great and prosperous India.

Vande Mataram
Jai Hind

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