Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Thoughts On Why Communism Is Not Good For Any Self Respecting Nation: Exposing Traitor Communists Of India

There are certain political ideologies which are really harmful to all nations on earth as they trace their authority to some distant land beyond their homeland. When politics starts serving interests of a foreign land than its own then it poses a great danger to the stability of the nation and its in interest of the nation to keep a check on these political parties and its leaders. Communist parties and fanatic Islamic Jehadies any where on earth are prime examples of this kind of nation destroying elements. I am a patriot who believes in wellbeing of my nation and its all law abiding citizens. I feel trouble when I see traitors from any caste, religion, regional identity or political ideology creating roadblocks in progress of the nation. Again that progress is a relative term which different people view in different ways so this article is again based on my point of view. Those who are reading this blog are free to agree or disagree with my point of view.

I grew up in small factory town in central India and seeing red flags painted with sickle and hammer, in hand of workers while returning back from school was a regular scene. I later learned that there was a special way to gather crowd for every evening’s tamasha. Whenever the so called red flag union leaders with their battery charged loud speaker wanted to say something, their handful followers used to block the exit gate so that factory workers while returning to home after doing their jobs can be stopped and forced to listen the same babbling. I never saw my father attending these meetings and he always somehow managed his way back to home. My father never liked communists as he told me once that these so called leaders are more interested in acceptance of their own demands by management like getting jobs to their relatives then to serve the common good of the masses. Well that was my first experience with communist tactics and I learned that communists believe in trampling on freedom of others and in my view freedom of choice is what makes us human. In some cases it becomes difficult to keep that choice and go by larger interest but anyway that’s altogether a different topic.

Communism was an ideal ideology. Where it was thought by its thinkers that a tiger, an elephant, a horse, a donkey, an alligator, a fish, a bird, a cow, a polar bear or any animal on earth although different in nature, eating habits, general behavior or all other things should change themselves to think and act same. There will be a king among them who with help of his supporters make an elephant or cow eat meat even though their teeth and metabolism are not meant for it. That king will even decide how many times these animals can produce children. That king will decide everything and will have say in every aspect of his citizen’s life. The system basically deals with concentration of power in a single hand and with cult like approach wants to control everything under the sky. As we all have seen power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely all the communists regimes in world have now gone, as people have seen the reality of that control. Those who are surviving today are not the actual communists but few smart people who now know that prosperity and happiness can only be achieved when every one is allowed to their job at their best capability like China. China has opened its door to all filthy money around the globe and enjoying its new found super power status. A jungle will be a good jungle where all animals play their parts as per their best abilities. Where a tiger remains a tiger and does it job, where every tree is having its distinct flavor and type, every flower is having its own time to bloom; every bird is having its own time to sing. That’s what nature is telling us but communists are different breeds as they believe in concentration of power in few hands and as we know that every king is not Raja Raam, so while few people who are in prosper while rest of the population even though talented suffers. I now believe that communism is a failed ideology as it destroys freedom and logic. It tries to make a horse and a donkey equal by cutting horse’s legs and other parts. If it was making a donkey stronger to compete with horse by giving proper training and environment I wouldn’t have any problem with that. That is what democracy does and in longer run its democracies only which provide voice to all the people of the land and they are the long lasting solution for the world’s sufferings.

Every other day Communists in India led by Prakash Karat show their ugly act and reinforce my belief that they are modern day’s JayaChands who for some money and vested interests can kill their own nation’s progress. Even after ruling west bengal for more than 30 years they havent been able to convert it into a heaven as dreamed by Marx. I think 30 years is along time to show atleast some progress but you guys know what West Bengal was most industrialized state at the time of independence in India but stupid economic policies of communists made it among the worst. In todays supposed to be Marxist heaven people die of hunger and our dear comrades are busy in formulating plans for destroying hegemony of US. Their own chief minister goes begging for investment in Marxist heaven and his counterparts oppose anything good in center. Marxists and Communists are biggest hypocrites and double standard people on earth. They say something at some place and do something at other place. Long before we heard of booth capturing and election malpractices during elections in Bihar, the communists of West Bengal perfected this art and by using that art still rule the intellectual bengal. At many places during Panchayat elections other party candidates are either killed or get removed by use of force. You will be amazed to know that in India where we have atleast 5 opinion on everything on earth, maximum number of panchayat members gets elected unopposed in West Bengal. Your guess is right all these candidates belong to Communist party. Since their base among people is shrinking they encourage infiltration from Bangladesh to stay in power. According to latest reports from election commission of India there are 58 lakhs (5.8 million) bogus voters in west bengal. They condemn act of violence in Gujrat but kill in their own backyard in Nandigram and Kannur. They defend convicted terrorists like Afzal Guru in name of human rights and condemn most successful Chief Minister in history of India Narendra Modi. They beg for investment in bengal but oppose it on central level. They have problem with Taslima Nasreen, they hound her and chase her away like some animal but at the same time sing praises for Maqbul Fida Hussain. They bring country to the halt by using their militant worker unions when there is talk of improving efficiency or any modernization. They are comparing Tibet with J&K and making present Indian govt to accept humiliation of India and Dalai Lama. They defend China as they are defending Saurav Ganguly, even after knowing it fully that China arms Pakistan with all the weapons which are used against India all the time.

Just like Islamic Jehadies they want to move back the clock time and live in primitive world. Their similarities don’t end here, like jehadies they owe their allegiance to some foreign power. Since there is no grand USSR now so they have shifted it to Communist China. These traitors supported China’s position in 1962 war. They even supported British in 1942 quit India movement as Britain was ally of USSR in Second World War. Most recently I was so shocked to hear this from Prakash Karat that he doesn’t want nuclear energy deal between India and US because it will weaken China!!! I mean if that statement was made by China’s Indian ambassador than it would have been a little digestible. But a main stream Indian political party makes that statement and there is no hue and cry in Indian media. Prakash Karat talks of encircling of China by US and India so concern fully that I doubt his mother or father may be of Chinese origin, otherwise its difficult to see such concern for a foreign land. A concern which is not arising out of good of their own nation but some problem for some other foreign nation. They don’t feel threatened when China makes advances all around India to encircle it strategically. There can be only one reason which is they are waiting for destruction of India by the hands of China so that they can enjoy the fruits of their treachery. These modern Chinese agents are the parasites who are living on blood of Indians. They are making India weaker from inside. I don’t understand the reason why Indians still vote for these parties in certain states. They have seen it that these Communists are just bunch of stupid power hungry individuals who can never work in interest of the masses. Its time to destroy this junk from roots otherwise they will prove bottleneck in success of India. Arise and awake Indians and take matter in your hands. Learn and think whats good for India.
Jai Hind
Vande Mataram

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