Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rahul Gandhi Rejected The Ministerial Berth In MMS's Cabinet: My Perspective

The Italian Mama declared that Rahul Gandhi rejected a cabinet ministerial berth which was offered to him by her. This news was meant for portraying Rahul as sincere ordinary Indian, who wants to have his place by merit then to just have it all since he is a Gandhi. On the contrary I think Rahul refused it because he is already a crowned prince under imported Rajmata Sonia Maino. Our poor MMS (ManMohan Singh) always introduces Rahul as future Prime Minister of India or in this case I should say King to all. So guys when you know that you can have the future of a billion plus population by being prime minister today then why you would like to settle for just a ministerial berth. Rahul’s ministry will cause more trouble for poor MMS as then he have to make calls to get NOC from two places before making any decision, first at Sonia Maino’s number and then Rahul Gandhi’s ministry.

I don’t understand why Indian English media is so crazy about whatever these Gandhis do. I don’t know why this media doesn’t ask questions about Priyanka Gandhi to Sonia Maino. I think Priyanka, after seeing that Rahul is now taking more interest in India then his Columbian Girl Friend, quit active politics on advice from Sonia Maino. If the same thing was done by any body else in India, there would have been cries ranging from woman liberation to gender equality by this same media. Well, any ways slavery and benefiting of 60 years of that editorial class is more valuable then truth I guess.

I wonder sometimes who would have been a better leader among divine king clan of Gandhi’s for India, Priyanka or Rahul? Now you all see wherever Rahul baba has campaigned for congress in bigger states till now, it faced an electoral rout or defeat like elections in Gujarat, UP, Uttaranchal and Punjab. Sycophants in congress put that defeat on some imaginary external factors and if there is something good like rolling back of price on certain stuff, or waiving loans of the farmers or any other stuff, then you watch the behavior of these sycophants, they just come short of beating drums and dancing on the streets to claim that its all because of divine Nehru Gandhi Clan.

My thought is if Rahul baba accepted the ministry and failed to do his job there then it would have been a bad start for the King and it would have become clear for common Indians that the Divine King Clan is good for nothing. So thats why the crowned prince wants his experiment with Prime Minister's post so that he can serve India. But how well this divine King Clan know India? The queen is Italian and for prince, situation has gone down to such an extent that at 40 years of age Rahul baba is on tour to discover India as if it was lost somewhere to be discovered again by him. Media is rallying behind him as if modern Buddha is wondering in jungles of Bihar.

An interesting thing about congress party leaders is they show unity in at least in one case, they are ready to work under and lick feet of even an ant as long as it’s a pet of Nehru Gandhi clan. That’s a really big thing as far as congress standards are concerned. I don’t know , how much time it will take Rahul Baba and his Italian Mama to discover and know India, and how long they will make Priyanka Gandhi to sit outside and watch. Well as far as non inclusion of Priyanka in Congress party matters is concerned, I know one person is really happy. Guess who is that happy fellow.. Its our poor MMS. If Priyanka was there in Congress party then poor MMS has to take three NOCs before doing anything. I am happy that poor MMS is happy, I feel good when exploited, and downtrodden and powerless Indian gets the happiness. I want to live as long as it takes to bring the happiness from powerful to majority of the powerless citizens. Till then may god direct our intellect in right direction.

Vande Mataram

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