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My 12 Questions for "Some" Irrational and Fanatic Muslims

I respect beliefs of people and believe every religion has some fairy tales which becomes part of it in due course of time. There is no harm in believing in fairytale unless its start harming others physically and try to destroy them. I have belief in God and I believe that God is same for all of us. I dont have problem in anyone's belief as its upto an individual how he sees his own way, but when stupidity and brainwashed illogical brains commit crime in name of God than it hurts everyone to see how someone can be killed in name of God. Brainwashed people generally follow a cult where they are not allowed to think beyond what is written in some manual and they commit heinous crimes because of their illogical belief in certain things which takes away their right to think. In this light I tried to understand Quran and came up with few questions.. I hope if common Muslims read them than they will also know that its time for reason to prevail over bigotry...

1)What is the reference in Quran regarding throwing stones at Shaitan while performing Hajj? If there is none than and why people still do it?? Isnt it would be better not to do something which is not there in Quran??

2)How come that Stone is Symbol for Shaitan? You are not supposed to use any symbol for religious things if you are a Muslim. Why then people think that stone is Shaitan? If there can be a stone symbol for Shaitan than why not for Allaha? Isnt that stone is also creation if Allaha? So how come Muslims are thinking a creation of Allaha as symbol of Shaitan? Are Muslims not committing greatest sin here?

3) When Quran say that no one can be seen as partner to Allaha than why Muhammad will sit with Allaha for interceding on day of Qayamat and Allaha will listen to his pleading and act while Allaha being omnipotent should know everything and shouldnt require anyone's help in judgment?
4) Can God be different for Different people on earth? Or can God reward some killer just because he happens to have a name belonging to particular geography on earth and punish the good person who doesnt worship God or worship him in different ways than prescribe in a particular book??

5)Tell me how come Shaitan can become so powerful that he can even inspire the Satanic Verses? Does Allaha not know what Shaitan is going to do ?? Why Allaha even allows Eve to to eat the apple in Eden? If he was so concerned he should have prevented that Satan from instigating Eve from eating apple.. right?? How come Shaitan is acting on his free will and challanging almighty Allaha and even winning at times from him? If allaha isnt that powerful that Shaitan isnt in his control than how come he is going to control the world and universe?

6)Why non muslims have to pay Jajiya and feel subdued in a Dar Ul Islam? Why they cant live with their self respect? Why they have to pay special tax? Isnt it a form of torture? Paying tax for just worshipping in some other ways.. isnt that wrong on part of any so called God?

7) When people like Zakir Naik quote Hindu Shastra than Its nice to see Muslims are reading Hindu religious scriptures. But I just cant stop smiling on the fact that all these Sanatan Dharma religious scriptures which are being quoted are much much much older than time of Quran. So if truth as I already have mentioned was already known from Hindu Shastra than what was the need of Quran in first place?? Now dont say that all old was corrupted otherwise you wouldnt have been quoting Hindu Shastra truth was/is already present..

At the best what I can understand is, it was external ways of worshiping which got changed. So if it was only external things than why would someone like GOD would be worrying the way people worshiping him? In the end they are worshiping him..right?? So much bloodshed just for all this external way of worshiping and not seeing the truth in heart.. which GOD can approve that??
8)And when the word is fulfilled concerning them, We shall bring forth a BEAST of the earth to speak unto them because mankind had not faith in Our revelations. (Quran 27:82)

Here Allah is promising that he will send a beast to bring his message to mankind in future.. Now Muhammad claimed that he is seal of prophecy..but here Allaha promising a BEAST :) as future messenger to mankind.. Now Either Allaha is right in saying this or Muhammad lied through Quran about his being seal of prophecy.. And why some beast as messenger? cant we have some direct Angel whom we can understand more properly??

9) Why Allaha has sealed the heart of Non believer? Now if I think about it than it seems to me that it Almighty Allaha's fault and not any non believer's.. isnt it?? If He wanted to reveal himself to all than what was the need to seal hearts and than saying get Jajiya tax from non believers or treat them differently. Is in not wrong on Allaha's part?

10) If Quran claims to be a clear message for believers than how come so many sects of Muslims are there? If believers have so much trouble in understanding teaching of Quran than what fanatic Muslims expect from non believers?? If Quran is clear in message than what is the meaning of "Alif Lam Mim" which appears in several verses.
11)YUSUFALI: None of Our revelations do We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, but We substitute something better or similar: Knowest thou not that Allah Hath power over all things? (Noble Quran 002:106)

"We substitute something better or similar" Allaha thinks that his earlier version of truth in Torah and Bible were not good and since Hinduism is no truth for fanatic Muslims so I havent written it here with Bible and Torah. So Allaha is correcting his past mistakes in Quran.. The conclusion is Quran says God is doing mistakes.
12) Since Muslims have to wait till day of judgment after they die to go to heaven so isnt it a injustice for those Muslims who died 1400 years ago from now? Since they have to wait these many years than those who die now or will die in future. Isnt this scheme of justice already doing injustice to those who already died?
As I said earlier I dont have objection when people believe in fairy tales but these tales should limit to their own mind and shouldnt become a tool to harm others. I invite all Muslim scholars to give me explanation of these 12 points. If They cant then they must accept that there are several ways to reach one common destination as described in Veda's as "Ekam Sat Vipra Bahudah Vadanti" means the truth is only one and wise people know it by different names.
Vande Mataram
Jai Hind

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