Sunday, June 05, 2011

“Con”gress Ka Haath.. Bhrashtachaar Ke Saath. But "Con"gress Beware of Wrath of A True Warrior Sanyasi

Sansad Se Lekar Sadkon Tak.. Jungle Ka Kanoon Yahan..

Jisne Bhi Awaz Uthayi.. Hota Uska Khoon Yahan..

Har Kursi Hai Andhi Bahri.. Har Kursi Hatyari Hai..

Har Kursi Ke Paye Me.. Panjikrit Gaddari Hai..

Lagta Hai Ab to BHARAT me .. Chandi Ka Nartan Hoga

Parivartan To Hoga.. Lekin Khooni Parivartan Hoga..

(Unknown Poet)

There is a very famous incident in Indian history which serves as lesson for all rulers, some rulers take positive cues from it, mend their ways, treat themselves as servants of public and keep public interest above theirs while others who are drunk in power, refuse to learn the lesson, act arrogantly and again become another example in long list.

The famous incident is about a corrupt ruler’s abuse and insult of a patriotic and intelligent teacher. The teacher takes a vow to uproot the mighty ruler and later on gets success in his mission. You might have got the idea about what I am talking about. The might corrupt ruler was Dhananand and the Teacher was Shri Vishnugupt , whom we know as Chankya.

This incident came to my mind when I saw how the corrupt thugs of Italian controlled Mafia party heaped insult after insult on a patriotic sanyani, who was just demanding the return of ill gotten money from foreign land and end of corruption in India. The Mafia party was so afraid of saffron cloths of the sanyasi that they had to arrest him in night at 2 am, that too after talking to him and giving him assurance that they will act on his demands. But the Sanyasi wanted a concrete action from the corrupt thugs and was hoping against the hope that these people will give him that. He was hoping that they will issue an ordinance on declaring the black money as national asset and those who have stashed away that money would be declared as criminals and given very hard punishment.

He wanted the corrupt thugs to issue the ordinance as he has seen how they have been fooling the Anna Hazare and others on Lokpal bill. If the corrupt thugs wanted it they could have done that but this would have given them so much trouble because they had to act after that and Indian public, which has become aware about all the wrong doings and its effect on them, would pressurize them to act and the supreme court which is now acting as very much independent agency would have got the corrupt thugs in more trouble. All these 64 years the corrupt thugs of Italian Mafia Party has looted this nation systematically. Its them and their close one who has billions of dollars stashed away in foreign banks. This is making them so nervous that they cant let this thing happen otherwise their queen bee will be exposed and public in this information age would be able to see how systematically this Gandhi Nehru clan and its cronies have looted our nation.

That’s why these corrupt thugs started bribing the whole nation through mass bribing schemes such a farmer loan waiver scheme or the bigger scandal in form of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Guaranty Scheme. These schemes are nothing but mass bribery scheme and the corrupt thugs have ruled India long enough to know that Indians suffer from short term memory loss. They know that Indians would just forget what these corrupt thugs would be doing now and as central elections are 3 years away, they can make Indians fool again and through some mass bribery scheme and fanning communal violence and minority appeasement they can dream of coming to power again. These corrupt thugs don’t have long term well being of India and are just focus on short term gain of winning elections by hook or crook and punishing the patriots of this land to appease certain section of minorities and ego massaging of individuals.

I just cant believe that the Italian Mafia Party once had Sardar Patel and Subhash Chndra Bose as its members. Their souls must be suffering with pains that why at all they wanted freedom from British? If you don’t even have right to sit on peaceful protest and the administration can still beat up the hungry and thirsty sleeping children, women and elderly men, in middle of night than what kind of freedom and democracy is this? Don’t you think that this incident brings sad memory of Jaliawala bagh back to your mind? The situation was same, all people were doing just peaceful protest and General Dyre, a foreigner, ordered his Indian policemen to fire and kill people. The Indian policemen in his command didn’t even hesitate to kill their own peaceful countrymen and this time you have Italian Mafia, a foreigner, ordering the same thing on sleeping innocent countrymen in middle of night.

The pet dog who calls Osama Bin Laden as Osama Ji, visits the home of terrorists and cast doubts on security forces of India has guts to call a patriotic sanyasi as thug and we all just listen, smile and look away as if its not your or mine problem. What kind of people have we become? Just imagine that if these corrupt thugs can do such lowly acts with such an extraordinary individual as Baba Ramdev, what they could do to us or what they have been doing with this nation all these years?

I don’t have any hesitation in saying that this Italian Mafia party is root of all evils of India. In front of your eyes and in this information age they have been able to do scams of such a greater magnitude as 2G spectrum scam, Adarsh Society Scam, Food grain scam and many more than just think what they have been doing in past? Infact these thugs started the scams in 1947 itself by doing Geep scandal. This party is just meant for looting and siphoning away India’s wealth like the way British did for 200 years. The Nehru Gandhi Clan and many congressmen being close to Britishers knew and perfected the art of siphoning money and stashing away in foreign lands. The Italian Mafia party never wanted the Indians to be educated as they feared that if all become educated they wont be able to fool the people. They again learnt it from British, who after becoming a dominant power in India, first destroyed the indigenous education system which suited them.

Italian Mafia Party cant fool all the people all the time now. I think they are still thinking that young educated mass doesn’t matter as they don’t go for voting and are just arm chair activists. I know there is lots of truth in it and may be the Italian Mafia Party may again get away with it. But I know one thing for sure that all these things are atleast making people aware of what kind of scoundrels are ruling us.

I am weeping and my heart is bleeding to see whats happening under this stupid, money hungry, corrupt, anti national Congress party rule. I am sick of these Gandhis and congress who are continuously looting India. Who are selling soul of this nation to anti nationals and traitors. Its because of people like these the tolerant Hindus are becoming militants and trying to avenge the humiliation of Bharat Mata. This Italian Mafia Party is cancer of Indian society and the Gandhis and their cronies are like AIDS who are eating us from with in.

Come on my patriotic Indians lets throw these bloody rouges out from the scene of indian politics. I urge all nationalistic like minded Indians to start speaking and telling truth whenever they get chance. We need to awaken the mass. I try to do it whenever I am in any public place such as trains, buses, local transports, in social gatherings, office talks with colleagues. I prefer travelling in sleeper class of train so that I get the chance to meet more and more people and make them understand the dangers in front of the nation and I make sure that everybody understands my point of you and urge them to vote in every election. I take their pledge that they will vote in all elections to come.. I doesnt matter for me if they vote for BJP or anyone but they should vote as its the only way we can play part in building India..

I urge you to find your way to play your part in nation building.. I make sure that I too go and vote.. I know we are not like sun which can remove the darkness in one go but we are like small diyas which when placed together, have the best chance of outshining the sun.. Come on young and patriotic indians show these bloody corrupts and media thugs that India is going to be ruled by honest and patriotic indians and not by corrupt thugs.

come on indians.. I urge all like minded indians to step up their protests wherever they can.. it may be through blogs, through open talks, at hotels where you go for lunch or dinner, at parks, students can do it in their campus.. if media isnt doing its job and becoming a stooge of this corrupt congress than we have to play our part in saving this nation's soul.. come on you tigers of india and show the corrupt MMS, the Italian and their cronies that we cant take this anymore..

If we dont register our protest they will feel that we dont care about our nation anymore and just busy with earning our money and living our life casually.. its upto us now.. we have to show them through our deeds that we are still awake and wont take this crap of corrupt thugs anymore..

They have played with pride of a Sanyasi who doesn’t want anything for himself. He has enough fame through his good deeds. He has enough resources to sustain himself for life long. He is not having any immediate family which is getting benefitted out of his fame. He is Sanyasi , Patriotic Sanyasi like Chankya and Italian Party should know what happened after a corrupt thug insulted and humiliated an honest and patriotic Sanyasi..

I urge you to play your part in making of this nation.. it would be really late if we keep silence and allow corrupt Italian Mafia Party and its thugs to play their dirty games.. they have sucked the blood and money out of india for past 64 years.. lets show them the boot now.. this party and Gandhi family doesnt deserve to be part of india's ruling elite.. vote vote vote and vote out this bloody thugs from corridors of power .. These congress thugs are not what we deserve.. come on Indians..

Vande Mataram..

Jai Hind..



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Kya is blog ke peeche RSS ka hath hai ?

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:) Jee haan .. RSS ka Haath hai aur har us deshbhakt sanghthan ka haath hai jo desh ka vikas chahte hai ... Vande Mataram:)