Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Reply to Aakar Patel for His Article in Hindustan Times in May 2012

(This article by Aakar is now removed from Mint, thats why the link doesnt work anymore)
Hello Aakar,

I hope you are doing fine. I just finished reading your article

". I must say that you bring out some new thoughts to table but your hatred for RSS and BJP is evident from many paragraphs you have written on both. Let me brief you about myself. I am a young Indian, an engineer by profession and living my life comfortably under the corrupt government which is primarily elected by Indians who doesnt understand the value of the votes. You are right in your guessing that I carry an anti congress attitude and is not fond of Italian lady as much as you are. CONgrOss's primary voters are uneducated indians, who just get carried away by mass bribery schemes like MNREGA, the farmer loan waiver scheme, SICKulars & Muslims & Christians, who are terrified by imaginary prospect of getting killed under BJP rule. This RSS,BJP phobia generally gets spread by likes of Digvijay singh and dont hesitate in fanning communal violence for sake of some votes.

I am not sure how you are conveniently forgetting that what BJP is suffering politically is the same illness as CONgross. Perhaps your colored eyes didnt see how JaganMohan Reddy is not the part of Congress, perhaps you didnt see how Mamta was earlier a congress leader, perhaps you fail to see how Rahul-Priyanka-Sonia-Robert Vadra & his kids combined failed so miserably in recent UP elections, perhaps you dont see how Sharad Pawar was once a congress leader only.

I can just laugh when you say that Sonia is the greatest of Congress leaders after Nehru. Perhaps you fail to remember your own fellow Patel Sardar Vallabhbhai or even Indira Gandhi. I am not sure who paid you to write this article but your whole premise is based on seeing India as combination of different castes and not as one nation. I
agree that its true to certain extent in present but do you really feel that the boundaries of castes can remain same after 20 years? Have you ever asked someone's caste before making friends with them or talking to them? If you dont do it than how come you believe that castes will be a relevant factor after10- 20 years?

I completely disagree when you say that BSP represents the most wronged ones, but yeah I agree that Hindu anger against muslims is mostly reactionary and not bigoted one like that of Muslims against Hindus or any other non muslim. I agree with the fact that parties like BSP has helped in bringing the self confidence back in SCs & STs but again I dont agree that only SCs & STs are the people who have been wronged by the rulers. Its complete hindu population who was wronged by foreign rulers and if Hindus collectively havent resisted enough we would have been a part of OIC by now.

Let me clarify my stand, I am not against any religion, for me as a devout hindu all paths lead to same destination. I dont have any problem in someone worshiping the God the way they want it but yeah I will have problem if someone will start claiming that my way of reaching to God is wrong and I have to follow theirs otherwise either
they will kill me or I will have to live a life of second class citizen.

There are many Indians like me who abhor congress and its corrupt culture. I think if you are of the belief that its congress which represents India than I am ashamed of this India, its daily corruption, total disregard of human life, 70% people without proper sanitation facility & clean drinking water, the vulgar display of power by rich & powerful, our callousness towards other poor indians and blind worshiping of Money without checking the means to get that
money. I completely agree that CONgrOss represents this India and Sonia & Gandhi family is embodiment of all the ills. The CONgrOss relies heavily on the fact that Indians in general suffer from short term memory loss and when the election come they will just give another mass bribery scheme to win that election. But that wont remain
same after some time as Indians are getting educated at their own cost as all the attempt of CONgrOss to keep India illiterate has failed now.

Please dont insult Indians like me by claiming that CONgrOss will remain the party of future. The more Rahul speaks the more faster decline of the CONgrOss will be. Indians now are smart enough not to fall for fair skin and loose talk. As far as your contempt for Nitin Gadkari goes, I can just say that the waitress, who has told many lies
about her education & background, is not even suited for becoming a maid in a hotel but its our bad luck that she is ruling us like a queen bee. I know I can be sued for writing this under some IT act but as you rightly pointed out the hindu rage is often reactionary and when I saw the comment that you feel Sonia is the biggest leader in India, I couldnt control myself. Please have some mercy on your own MMS, whom you like so much and write to Sonia that she gives him permission to fight in Loksabha elections and stop enjoying power without accountability.

Kind Regards

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