Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Terrorism and Other Common Problems In India and Their Solutions

Terrorism, by now every Indian might be knowing what its all about, since we are the worst sufferer along with Israel of this phenomenon. We have lost our countless citizens, lots of soldiers and two prime ministers and billions of dollars to this philosophy of hate. Terrorism is very much different from any regular crime or riots since its always based of a particular ideology. This ideology is based on philosophy of two separate groups one is of so called oppressor and second is self assumed oppressed. Its a continuous cycle in which the oppressed is often funded by enemy countries, which feed them with all means to carry out their inhuman acts in name of religion, race or political oppression. In almost all cases the so called oppressed is motivated by religion or race, you can see it in case of Islamic terrorism and African tribal wars.

Before WW-2 we have seen lots of freedom struggles, which were against the colonial rulers all over the world. But these colonial rulers especially English, have left deep scars on all nations soul which they have ruled in past. Many terrorist activities that you see today are because of these scars which refuse to heal.

The undeclared war going on between India and Pakistan or the declared war between African tribes are outcome of British divide and rule policy, where they sow the seed of deep division in citizens mind. Promoting false superiority complex in communities on basis of castes, color and religion and keeping them divided so that they can never pose a united threat to their rule. And its sad to say that they have been succeeded in this. For this success we are paying with the blood of innocents till now.

Israel Arab conflict is also a gift of Britain to the world, when British started leaving countries they have occupied after World War 2; they started dividing them on the basis of religion and race. Almost all countries under British rule saw division and this division wasnt most of the times for good. I think British took some maps and just drew some vertical and horizontal lines without keeping the cultural and tribal aspects in mind. They never thought what will be the outcome of these actions. All the countries are still fighting with each other over something or other. Why British did it just before they were leaving still wonders me a lot. So the past was in hand of British but present is in our hand and if we keep crying for the past we are for sure going to miss the present and subsequently future. So its better to start worrying about present and have a foundation for good future.

Terrorism and corruption are become biggest problems which Indians are facing today. They are the only two road blocks in Indias path to success and reclaim its past glory. They are the root causes since because of corruption we are having problems like lack of primary education, infrastructure, lack of all civic facilities, deforestation, power shortage and all other problems except security threats. They are all related to corruption since because of that only all the money which is allotted to these things just goes in vain. This problem can only be tackle by good public support and awareness. If all Indians decide that they wont pay bribe to get any of their work done in RTOs and other govt departments, it can be curbed to a great extent. The govt employee corruption can be controlled by tough laws and fast track courts to deal specifically to corruption related issues. One most important thing will be introduction of moral teachings at higher educational level. This moral corruption of India is root cause where conscious doesnt feel the guilt of taking bribe to do the job. The definition of honest and dishonest has got changed over the years. Now dishonest is the one who even after taking money doesnt do your job. And honest person has become an endangered species, about whom you are just going to listen in stories after few more years. This moral corruption has to be eradicated if we have to achieve developed India by 2020.

Second is terrorism. Terrorism in India as we all know is basically funded by Pakistan and Saudi petrol money. Bangladesh and Pakistani jehadi elements were main executioner of this low intensity war. But they have found lots of local support from home grown jehadi elements like SIMI, PDF (Madani) in Kerala, MIM (Hyderabad), terrorists in north east India and Muslim youths who are misguided by some fanatic mullahs, who are thinking of bringing India into dar ul Islam part of the world. When the terrorism in India was solely in Pakistans area of interest, it would have been somewhat easy for us to tackle this threat since it was limited to Kashmir only but after 1993 bomb blasts in Mumbai this pattern got changed and now with the help of home grown fanatics, terrorism is hurting deep inside India.

Terrorists are not sparing anyone, they are attacking temples, educational institutions, trains, crowded market places or any thing by which they can show that they have capability to bleed India, if not cut it in one go. They just want maximum damage to be done and for this they are crossing all the limits of humanity.

All the terrorism in India has its main source in Pakistan. So in my view if we want to tackle terrorism, the root cause has to be fought, we have to follow a bottom up approach to solve this problem. By this approach I mean to say that we have to cut the source of funding and training which are basically in Pakistan. We know for sure that Pakistan voluntarily wont give them up. We have to pressurize Pakistan to do this. This can be done in various ways. The best comes in my mind is to give Pakistan taste of its own medicine. We have to wage a low intensity war in Pakistan like they are doing in Kashmir. All four major states of Pakistan are having trouble with each other. Pakistani military and administrative services are full of people from Pakistani Punjab. Other 3 portions of Pakistan dont like this phenomenon as Pakistani Punjab is becoming prosperous at the cost of other three states specially Baluchistan and Sindh. I havent included NWFP as this portion doesnt have much to offer.

As we have experience from Bangladesh and other Islamic countries religion only cant be basis of a nation. There are cultural, economical and other political factors to be considered while building up a nation. As in case of India we are becoming more dependable on each other economically so by every day the north south east west divide is becoming thinner. This increase of interdependency and peoples movement has given India stability and will of a nation. There are other issues to be resolved like language but those are becoming secondary as English is taking prominent position in business and official communication. Aryan invasion theory is also proven to be false so the great Aryan Dravidian divide is not present at bigger scale and after sometime with more evidence this divide will eventually go.

But Pakistans case is different as you rarely see a democracy there. Democracy gives voices to citizens which is most important factor of any nations survival which is as diverse as India. Pakistan is ruled and always going to be ruled by military either direct or through proxies. This military is dominated by Pakistani Punjab officers and here we have chance. India should adopt pro active approach towards disintegration of Pakistan in four parts. You can hear the news about tribal folks in Baluchistan are fighting against Pakistani Army. We just have to ignite it more. Make them fight with each other so that they dont have time to think on what is going on in India. As far as nuclear arsenal of Pakistan is concerned, I think US will take care of that. We should station some of our troops in Afghanistan to build pressure on Pakistans military so that they have Indian forces on both sides of their border. This is going to be quite uncomfortable for Pakistani military.

I am against all out open war against Pakistan as this is going to hurt Indias economy and will destroy all the progress we have made in last 20 years. Since Pakistan also has capability to fire its missiles deep inside India. So the open war is not going to be fought on borers like previous wars. Its going to destroy our homes and cities in India and strengthen Pakistani generals in their control over Pakistan. Damage involved is too much and we should avoid a direct conflict.

Simultaneously we should keep our focus to our own home grown and fed Osamas and build up strong political will to call spade a spade. Bring some tough laws and enforce them effectively to deal with those who support terrorism. There should be a real zero tolerance for those who are involved in anti national acts. The punishment should be so severe that it should act as a lesson for those who are willing to follow this anti national path by citing religious, regional, lingual or caste reasons. Find the mad dog before it bites and kill or atleast keep it separated from rest of the population.

This is all going to happen only when we Indians understand our duties for the nation. When we understand that this is our motherland to which we have to serve by all means available. The educated middle class has to come out on voting day to vote instead going for a picnic as on holidays. They have to educate the poor masses and make them understand the correct use of their voting power, so that no single vote would be cast in name of religion, castes and languages and every vote is meant for those who stands for development of India and its all citizens. I hope this day come soon so that we can give our next generation proud of getting birth in the Jagat Guru of the world once again. Come together, we all have to work in this direction. We can and we will reclaim Indias golden past.

Vande Mataram

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