Saturday, October 20, 2007

LN Mittal's Success: What it tells about new India

You guys might be aware of this that LN Mittal has been successful in acquiring majority stake in Arcelor Steel of Europe. Mittal steel is the worlds largest steel maker and Arcelor was having second place. This merger will create a steel behemoth which will have the steel producing capacity of more than 3 times of its nearest rival.

Mittal achieved this feat countering all sorts of odds against him. But his grit and determination finally paid and its been a slap on the face of his detractors. He has countered worst kinda anti business propaganda but as the old saying goes.. where there is will .. there is the way. My heart fills with some pride even though mittal doesnt have any operations in India. Probably India is not making business sense to him in this field but anyways I can leave business decision to this acute businessman.. and enjoy this proud moment with you guys. I am celebrating success of this Indian against all odds.. and the lesson I learnt from this and other similar episodes..

You might have heard that Tatas, Reliances, Wipros, Birlas are also on very rapid expansion plan.. and many other indian companies too are joining the similar band wagon.. and here in front you all have the success of Indian brain in field of IT and its related services.. I sometime wonder whats making this turnaround? How come suddenly we are feeling like we can take on the world in business field and can be successful and outpace others.

If you have planted a tree.. the tree is going to bloom only when it will have all the right ingredients given to it. The similar is the case of talent.. I think European countries and US are providing the right environment to show what we are capable of. In the past 60 years of independence India just moved on the old path set up by the colonial rulers.. our mindset after independence hasnt change.. since there was no real change in terms of governance.. the same government with all its power and controlling regime ruled India until 1990.. those who wanted to make it big.. have to leave india because of this controlling regime.. which has put restriction on everything.. instead of creating abundance in every field they got involved in petty politics and ignored the cause of nation building and never focused on real issues of health, infrastructure, power, food and water for all and education at primary as well as higher levels. Thats why except IITs, IIMs and few other institutes we dont have anything which comes in world ranking of even top 1000.

Indonesia, malasiya, south korea are some countries who got independence at the same time as ours and see where are these tiny little countries now. I havent included china since some might say that its different type of govt functioning there.. but still.. Japan and Germany .. even after getting destroyed in WW-2 are now among the top nations of the world. Some may say we have higher population but we had bigger land mass too.. than any of these countries.. even indonesia is fifth most populated country in the world.. but its on path of progress.. our politicians indulged in stupid things and which created a mess in Indian economy.. the economy which was ahead of china until 1985 now legs behind it.. I hope soon we will be able equal or even surpass them.

But after 1990 a refreshing change has taken place.. the new Indian generation which constitute around 70 % (under 40 years of age) of Indian population is not under past mental blocks.. they know they can do it .. they can make things work.. even against all odds.. they can challenge and win the battle.. we have shown it in few fields . now its turn to change in all fields.. like sports.. a nation of 1 billion ppl have to content with 1 silver medal in Olympics.. which is utterly shameful.. but our current political leaders doesnt have the will and the guts to lead us to and solve the problems that India is facing.. they are more involved in destroying the nation than to work for its progress.. this problem is not going to solve unless we start taking active interest in cause of nation building..

We have to work for creating a new India.. where we can cheer for our Indian team in soccer world cup.. instead of wondering on how good south American teams are playing.. where a nation of one billion doesnt have to live with one medal in Olympics.. where one LN mittal doesnt have to leave India to create worlds biggest steel company.. come.. together we can and we will build this resurgent India..

Vande Mataram
Jai Hind

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