Saturday, January 19, 2008

One and Only Human Migration frrom AFRICA

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For quite sometime I was looking for information regarding Migration of Humans, as i consider India as primal source of most of the modern knowledge in field of Mathematics, Medicine, Metallurgy, Chemistry and various other sciences. Since its described in VEDAs and other hindu scriptures. I was interested in human genome project in which scientists are working on DNA of humans. well they have come up with very interesting findings.

In india we have been taught in indian history that India is nothing but a land of succesive conquerors and consists of aryans of north and dravidians of south. Britishers when they started writing history of India very casually adopted the approach of having so calld southern dravidians as original inhabitant of india and northern aryan indians who are some foreighners invaded india around 1500 BC and pushed dravidians deep down south. There was opposition of this theory which started with Swami Dayananda saraswati In 1875 and continued with Swami vivekananda and sri aurbindo, and now recent discoveries show that there was no so called aryan attack on india but indus valley vedic ppl migrated from that area to further east and south becoz of drying up of mighty river Saraswati. There is only one visible difference between north and southern indians which is color of skin and thats due to proximity of southern states to equator as near equator who have to face lots of heat compare to other areas.

There is some difference in language scripts btween tamil and sanskrit has lots of give and take in terms of words. According to linguists there is similarity in Finnish and tamil scripts and finnish is noway related to other european languages. U can find this info on net. but no one says that finnish ppl are of different race and origin thn rest of europe. Same applies to India too. Where all languages grew with rich literaly content.

According to scientists there are only three races in this world they are .. Negroids.. Mangloids and Caucasians. Indians except some north eastern states come in Caucasian groups only. Lots of information is available these days on net regarding this. So you guys can browse net for this. What i m pasting here is the DNA theory of scientists which says that origin of man is there in africa and there is only one migration from africa that is towards india and other eastern countries and ppl from these countries have further migrated towards europe.. its an interesting article published in NY times.. makes some interesting reading.. so go ahead and read it out...

I hope this will make you think a bit on this topic.
May god direct everyones intellect in right direction


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