Saturday, January 12, 2008

Problem of Reservations in colleges and Jobs In India

I dont support the current move of present Indian govt where they have decided to hike the seats and increase the reservations for OBCs, since as per some datas OBCs already constitute approximately 22% of these premier institues without reservations and the basic question remains the same.. The quality of students which are coming out from Center of excellence should be best and reservation on basis of someone's caste compromises this basic thing. I have of some solution to this problem.. As we all know Implementation is the main issue..

This protest is not against any caste or religion, This protest is against injustice in the name of reservation on the basis of castes. Most interesting thing of this whole reservation issue is everyone wants themselves to be proven more backwards than others to reap the benefit. This is retrogate and sick mentality which is of no use in new resurgent India.

Its cause for which we all have to sacrifice.. and stand up.. otherwise these greedy politicians who divided the country in name of religion till now will further divide this country in name of castes and all which is already done in many cases.

You might be aware of this that .. The caste or class is one of the most misunderstood thing of Hinduism.. But only for those who doesnt read the indepth about Hinduism. The castes or classes were meant for pure labor division in which the person was taking a job at which he was best.. Let me be clear.. I dont support caste system.. I am just trying to put my point of view here..

Like every society needs these 4 type of persons to function properly. Someone should be there to teach, someone should be there to defend the land from aggression and maintain law and order, someone is required to do business and someone is required for serving the society in different way than above three and castes werent supposed to be decided on basis of birth, the sole criteria was your karma and guna.. Means what u do is the basis of your caste and not from whom you are born.. there is no sanction to casteism on basis of birth in Vedas or Upanishads or srimad bhagwat geeta..

But later on in dharmashastra like manusmriti only its been given sanction.. but manusmriti is not equal to Vedas or Upanishads or geeta.. and we are free to adopt what we want and what dont want. The word Brahmin means one who knows the brahama or the supreme.. so in that sense anyone cane be a Brahmin.. who has capability to understand the god.. thats why although I am a born Brahmin by caste dont consider myself as Brahmin.. Since I dont have that capability

Problem with our youths is we dont read our scriptures .. and these politicians and traitors are ready to exploit the ignorance of the masses. Those who are getting benefited by reservation wont give it up even though this thing is costing them the self respect. This reservation is making them permanently backward always as they support the similar thing for their sons and daughters even though their status has already been uplifted through quota.. In my view those who are getting admitted through quota are themselves admitting that they cant stand in competition with others.. and they need crutches to walk..

I have foolproof solution to this problem.. We all know there are some students who doesnt get good education because they are poor and their parents cant afford the education.. since I have made my way up from similar circumstances.. so i know the was difficult for My Father to pay for my engineering fees.. i was having good rank and those who has just scored half of me got the seats of good branches in govt colleges..even though they havent been able to come close to me in school days.. Just because of caste. Their fathers were making the same money or in cases even higher money than my father.. So the families whose gross annual income is below 1,50,000 rs should be given the benefit of reservations.. but with certain conditions.. which are discussed below..

So reservation should be given to ppl on economic basis.. irrespective of castes and religion.. and that too in school or at primary level.. they should be given financial support.. so that they can get best education at primary level.. and stand in competition.. after they clear the competition they should be given the financial support to continue the education.. and reservation should stop here.. there should be no reservation in jobs.. Even after all these support a person cant get job than there is no use to give him or her the job..

And if one of the parents has benefited by reservation than it should not be passed on to children .. since the sole purpose of reservation is upliftment of the backward section of society.. and this caste thing will get disappear automatically and I am sure that none of us has ever asked any of our friends about their castes before hanging out with them.. Noone has asked Baba Ramdev's caste before bowing in front of him.. No one has asked Mata Amrita Anandamayi's caste before hugging her.. The so called backward Yadav's, Jats were ruler of some part of india.. The Mudaliars and Chettiar backwards of south are basically merchant and traders.. P Chidambram belong to backward caste and he wanna remain backward even though he has achieved so much..

Times have changed.. wrong has been committed to ppl on basis of their castes.. that has happened in every society every country.. but a historical wrong cant be rectified by doing another historical wrong.. otherwise we might have to attack Afghanistan for what Gazani or Ghori did to us.. or to Britain for what they did to us.. or to Greece for what Alexander did to us.. or native Americans have to throw out all others who are here..

This is 21st century and ppl should understand.. Nation should come first.. and its our duty to inform and educate others... Spread the word...This whole thing is dirty politics nothing else.. congress which ruled 50 years on nation havent concentrated on good primary education.. and this is all becoz of this only.. No political party can oppose the reservation since they are all for votes..

But someone has to stand up and say it loud and clear.. no more division of the country.. A new political party is needed.. with new ideology for developed India.. these all oldie politicians have got nothing for us.. India is young nation, 70% population is below 40 years of age and ppl understand logic if presented in good ways.. Revolution.. Total revolution.. Mass awakening is need of the hour.. Arise and awake indians.. take destiny in ur own hand.. otherwise these oldies will destroy india..
Arise and awake Indians
Vande Mataram
Jai HInd

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