Thursday, January 10, 2008

TaTa NaNo:- Worlds Cheapest car.. An Indian's Gift to the World

This is the one of the proudest moment for blue blooded Indians all over the world. An Indian Ratan Tata has delivered on his promise. On 10th January 2008 he has put smile and assurance on millions of Indian Family's face by launching Tata Nano "The Peoples Car". This car is also Nick Named as "Lakhtakia" because standard version is going to cost 1,00,000 (One Lakh)Rs as promised by Mr Tata 4 years ago.

Although material cost has risen a lot but Mr Tata still kept the price to 1 Lakh rs and thats what prompted me to write this blog. People will criticise Nano becoz they just know how to criticize anything on any grounds. They are giving silliest of reasons like it will increase India's oil import bill, will pollute and increase congestion on Indian roads and blah blah blah.. for their opposition to this small and beautiful wonder. I fail to realize whats the problem of Nano's critics. First they said its not possible to make a car at this prize. They mocked at Mr Tata's thoughts. Now when they have seen the car they just cant accept their all around defeat. They first said it couldnt be made now after seeing it with their own eyes with wonder they are saying it shouldnt be made. May be these rich critics while sitting inside their big petrol sucking vehicles will lose the pleasure of abusing poor padestrians and bikers. May be now the common man in India will snatch away the exclusiveness they had till now.

Mr Tata's words still echoing in my mind when he said that " Seeing an Indian family with one kid standing in front of scooter behind the handle and another sitting in wife's lap behind the husband made him feel like a family in danger." So
he decided to give a all weather and affordable transport to millions or even billions of families around the world. Such a concern for common masses of Rich and resourseful people like Mr Ratan Tata is keeping my faith alive in humanity. It filled my heart with joy unspeakable to see a corporate magnate's concern for the common people. This makes him stand apart from profit hungry organizations and individuals. The Tata's are representing the ancient Indian philosophy of giving to the society back. He is personification of Bhama Shah in the times of Maharana Pratap.

This project of Nano has shown that if Indians start thinking than they can do and achieve anything. Its that Can DO feeling which is evident over here. First of all its not a cheap looking car. Mr Tata and his engineers havent compromised with dignity of those who are going to buy this vehicle. It will in my opinion, eat up all market share of Maruti 800 and Alto. It looks more attractive than those two cars and delivers performance at lower price. I believe in claims made by Mr Tata and I think Indian Govt Should Confer a Bharta Ratna award to him for his services to India. As he is the real Ratna we are having in India. Very few people in whole world do justice to their given names by their parents and Mr Ratan Tata is one of them. I salute Mr Tata for his integrity and statesmanship.

I watched the live launch on TV and saw even Mr Tata Choking with emotions as any proud father who is showcasing his child's success against all odds. Mr Tata dont worry. You and all indians are one family and we all will take care of your baby. I am definatly going to buy one for sure as soon as I return back to india. I would like to appeal Mamta Banarji to stop opposing this project of Mr Tata. Mamta Di please understand this is for whole India and when larger public interest is there you should drop your small difference. The whole world has watched how an Indian has delivered on his promises. I salute you Mr Tata. If someone allows me to go closer to you Than I would like to touch your feet. You have made me proud as an Indian. You have made me keep my head held high with self respect as an Indian. Now i would like to see Jaguar and Land Rover as Tata Brands. Tata Motors will than have everything in its portfolio from worlds cheapest car to world's luxriest car. There is no stopping for Mr Tata from now onwards. This car will create revolution all over the world. People all over the world has waited for this. It will be a huge success in Africa, Latin America and South east Asia and offcourse in India. Its a path breaking story and Name of Mr Ratan Tata will be remembered along the lines of Henry Ford. Mr Tata You have made me Proud. I urge all indians to buy this car and than I will see Osamu Suzuki's face how he dared to challange integrity of Mr Tata. This is resurgent India for you. Its superpower India for you. I am lucky to be born as an Indian. I am lucky to live in age of great Indians like Mr Tata, Dhirubhais, Narayanmurthy's, Mittals, Narendra Modis. This can do spirit of these people will take India to its Glorious heights once again. There is no stopping for India or Bharat now. No stopping. Please read Mr Ratan Tata's Interview here and see his philosophy behind this car.

Here is the detail about how Tata achived cost of Rs 1 Lakh for NaNo.. Go through it and you will realise that realising a dream is possible if you have will and desire to sacrifice everything for it.. Just read it on its a great lesson for all engineers ..
A Proud Indian
Jai Hind
Hemant Dubey

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