Monday, November 05, 2007

Emotions are Stupid They Dont Understand Any Logic

“Emotions are really stupid they don’t understand any logic”. I have remembered this dialogue from Movie Tum Bin (Without You) since I saw the movie a long while back. Yesterday by chance I again watched it and my state of mind wasn’t that great. Most of the times I try to keep my mind in happy state as I know that happiness or sadness is just a state of mind. You can be happy in mind even if you are in most miserable circumstances or vice versa. But sometimes emotions defy logical thinking and you think of most stupid things in the world. The same things or activities which made you happy a little while ago starts giving you trouble if state of mind is not correct. I had the similar feeling yesterday. I just had a bitter verbal argument with one of the persons who matters most to me, who has command on what I do, who defines whatever passions I have left in this world and that too the arguments started on such a stupid stuff that I am laughing at it now.

Those who know me know it very well that there are really very few things which attract my attention and I am really passionate about those things. I accept God’s will all the time but there are certain things in which I poke my nose and want them to happen in the way I want to. I am not a saint but I try to do things which causes no or minimum harm to someone else. I was born in very small town in India and never thought of becoming anything or strived for anything. I just took whatever came in my way. If things that happened with me were good to me than I accepted as good, if they were bad than too I accepted with a hope that everything will be fine in the end and if its not fine than its not the end.

I don’t know why I am writing all this but this may be a way out for my frustrations that is arising out of present circumstances. I always turned toward writing for letting out my feelings. That’s the best method I have. Earlier I used to write poems but now started trying my hand on blogs. In poems you can say a lot with very few words and I liked writing them but blogs are also fine. You get a lot of space to bore other people who by chance are going to read them. J In the heat of the moment people say such heart breaking things that you never expect from the one about whom you care. Always in the end you regret saying all this stuff but the moment is gone and by that moment what is gone is the love, the respect, the goodwill, the care you have for that person. But this is always a temporary situation because in my thinking whatever feeling you have most for someone that feeling is going to conquer above all others. If you have love for someone in your deepest thoughts then it has to be love which comes out after a while and same can be true for all the feelings. Its not good for you to hold grudge for someone. Buddha said “How a fire in your home can destroy other home without destroying your own.” And “Holding anger for someone is like holding a burning coal in your hand for the intent of throwing it at some one but in the end its you also who is getting hurt.”

These are very beautiful words which hold lots of meaning for everyone. When you incorporate them in your life than I am sure you are going to get benefit from it.

It defines my situation most of the times. I am a logical person who is governed by emotions most of the times. I analyse the situation first, try to look through it. Head gives lots of explanations but in the end its heart which always wins. In my thinking whatever you do after listening to your heart may look stupid but in longer run it always proves to be the right thing to do. This time also my heart says I should believe in the love and care instead of the grudge and bad mouthing. Since we have given some person the power to hurt us so its going to be used sometimes. We cant simply help it. Life is like that and I accept that. So you can see when emotions are governed by right logic, they are always going to benefit anyone, who knows how to make use of them.

I think many times we don’t know how to express our love, gratitude and any other positive feeling for some one but if its negative like anger, than it comes pretty handy. We just burst out in tears or shout at that person. So in my view, we should try to express our positive feelings like we express our negative ones as easily, as they make the situations and circumstances more comfortable. I try to express my feeling whatever they are. Diplomatically in practical world you shouldn’t do it as it can harm many times. It has harmed me but that temporary loss should not make you do what you really want to do or what you really want to be. If you suppress anything now its going to come later on to you in some more devastating form. Like if you have a wound and you don’t show it to anyone and keep it under tight bandage so that no one can see it. But my friends after some time that wound will become much worse so its always better to express. I cry openly when I see any situation like that in a movie or anywhere, I laugh, I get angry that’s how I want to be. Many of us males don’t cry while watching movies with others and try to be brave but don’t you think that you are losing that moment of sadness too. If you dont know what its like being sad than how you are going to enjoy the happiness. I am not a big fan of Gandhi but I would like to end this blog with his quote. “Expressing love is prerogative of a brave person; a weak person is incapable of expressing love.”

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