Sunday, February 17, 2008

The North-West-East-South Divide Problem and Its Solution in India

I just finished helping myself with cardboard pad for my laptop. I wanted it for long and wasn’t able to find something like this or you may say that I haven’t tried hard to find something like this. This pad is really comfortable when you want to write something like blogs on the lappy. I found myself with little bit of spare time today and wanted to write blog too while watching TV. Well you may say why I don’t sit on table and chair or sofa and write but first thing I don’t have all this in my apartment now and second but important I like writing while laptop is on my lap,:) and my back is resting against a wall. This makes me alert and not too comfortable. If I am comfortable than I wont concentrate much on writing. This pad is working really fine for me. I made it out of cardboard boxes which we get with our shipped items and tape. So the bottom line is if you want something for your comfort than you really have to work for it. Luck may give you resources but to put it together and get wanted results out of it, you have to work yourself. Right now I am watching Hitch on TBS. Its really a great movie. I think you all know that already.

Well, although I am far away from India now but bad news from India always makes me worry about my motherland. Well good news makes me happy like Modi’s victory in Gujarat elections and launch of Tata Nano. But these days I am really worried about what is happening in Mumbai, Nashik and Pune to Indians (North). I don’t get the whole basic idea of this mindless hate for whole bunch of people or a particular community on the basis of caste, creed, region or religion. There is no logic behind all the acts what people of Maharshtra Navnirman Sena doing to rest of their countrymen. This sort of news is somewhat digestible if it comes from Assam or Kashmir but not Maharshtra. I revere Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj like I revere Maharana Pratap, Rani Durgawati, Begam Hazrat Mahal, Rani LakshmiBai, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Kuwar Singh, Sardar Patel, Rajraja Chol, Tatya Tope, Chandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Mangal Pandey, ChandraGupta Maurya, Chankya, Adi Shankaracharya, Vivekananda, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar and lots of other great Indians who makes my heart feel proud about being an Indian. I grew up keeping all these memories in my mind. But seeing all these divisive activities even in 2008 makes my heart bleed for my beloved mother India. I had great hopes from our younger generations as I thought and still believe that my generation is living without the baggage of past. This baggage of past under different colonial rules for past 1000 years was the cause of decline of great Indian civilization.

I thought and still believe that people who have seen both eras like before and after 1990s are the ones who are going to guide the destiny of the India now. India after 1990 has changed a lot. I have been witness of this great change and that makes me believe in great future of India. I am optimist and will remain so as I see obstacles as just some stepping stones for making a grand edifice. In this case this grand edifice is our great India and the obstacles are likes of Raj Thackreys, Lalus, Mulayams, Amar Singhs, ULFAs , LeTs, Jaishs, Babbar Khalsas and likes of them. I thought and still believe that all ordinary Indians like me will rise to the occasion and defeat all this hate ideology. I will dwell great in detail about this incident as what Raj Thackrey is saying is relevant a bit. There is a point about non development of UP and Bihar which is making citizens of these states a sitting duck in rest of India.

This is such a shame that provinces which gave India 8 out of 13 the prime ministers till date and lots of so called great leaders, are in such a shamble condition that people of these states have to go and earn their livings in lowly jobs all around the country, that too by getting humiliated by the people of those states and given name as bhaiya. You all tell me who wants to move out of their home unless it becomes necessary for them to do so? Who wants to move away from their own land and do these petty jobs unless they don’t get these opportunities in their own home turf? The lure for these opportunity makes Punjabis running towards Canada, Gujartis, Telugus, Marathis, Tamils running for US and keralites running for Arabian countries at any cost. I have personally seen various cases where people from all over India try any mean to get the Visa of a foreign country. So whats is the difference between a Marathi trying to make a living in US or a UPite or Bihari trying to make a living in Mumbai? There is one big difference that I have to tell that Mumbai belongs to India. It belongs to all Indians as much as any other common marathi. Mumbai is made famous by hard work of all Indians and not just marathis. Does a Marathi stop celebrating Ganesh Puja in United States or any where else than Maharashtra? If not than how come Raj Thackrey is saying that North Indians cant do a Chhat Puja in Mumbai? I have seen lots of Maharshtra Mandals in US. How these educated people going to feel if some American tells them to stop organizing these functions? When anything happen to any Indian outside India like in Europe, Australia, Arab Nations, Africa, Malaysia, Fiji or US we start shouting. We start crying that its out of racism things are happening. Now take a moment and look inside your own collar and see what you are doing to your own brethren. How you can justify killing of north Indians in Mumbai and everywhere in maharashta but simultaneously crying for help for NRIs everywhere else in the world. I think Raj should also tell these Marathi people to not to celebrate all these pujas and festivals when they are outside Maharshtra. Don’t you all think that this is height of stupidity? All people migrate from their birth place to get better opportunities for themselves and their families and I don’t see any wrong with it.

But still I would like the politicians and common public of UP and Bihar to see that their state also gets developed so that they don’t have to leave their places and get humiliated at all the places where they go. Politicians are corrupt everywhere but in UP and Bihar its ganging up of politicians, burocracy and criminals who are sucking up all the resources meant for common public. Well you get the government you deserve so if you are going to vote on the basis of caste and creed than this is the kind of govt you are going to get. Its for people of these two most populous states of India to decide their destiny now. They all must become instrument of change. There is not dearth of talent in these two states. Many of my friends are from these two states. They are hard working and intelligent. Many of the IAS and IPS officers are from these two states only. Likewise maximum numbers of IIT students are from these two states. Need of the hour is to create lots of opportunity in these two states and its only possible when people of these states rise above all differences to elect good representatives. UP and Bihar were the holiest land of India. Its not by just chance that all of our gods decided these places to be their janma and karma bhumi. On this very land once existed the grand empires of Mauryas and Guptas. These are the lands where Ramayana and holiest of hindu scriptures are written. This is the land where Buddha and Mahavira gave their sermons. Its for people of these states to realize that they are descendants of these great people and they again have to gain the position of guiding India’s destiny. India has seen its golden age under people from these states.

In today’s India its nearly impossible for any single state to survive on its own. It is grapes and onions of Maharshtra which are sold everywhere else in country. It is rice, vegetables and wheat of UP which is sold everywhere in country. No one can sustain alone. It is interdependency of all states which give products of one state a big market in other states, without excise and customs. Sooner its realized by all Indians better it becomes for future of India. When Adi Shankaracharya established Muths in all four corners of India than there was a bigger purpose behind it. When Shri Ram walked from Ayodhya to all the way to Sri Lanka crossing all the geography in between, there was a purpose behind it. When Lord Krishna traveled from Mathura and settled in Dwarika, there was a bigger purpose behind it. When Sati Devi’s burning part felled on Assam Land, there was a bigger purpose. When Lord Murugan made his adobe in Tamil Nadu then there was a bigger purpose behind that. When Vivekananda roared for mother India in Kanyakumari there was a bigger purpose for that. That bigger purpose was this idea of Grand Mother India, whose feet are cleaned by ocean every second. Who gets her thrown of snow in the form of himalaya. Who is having Sindhu, Brahamaputra, Ganga, Yamuna, Satluj, Krishna, Kaveri and Narmada as her hairs. This idea of Grand Mother India is what we all patriots has worshipped through generations. When a Chankya, Chandragupta, Maharana Pratap, Guru Gobinda Singh or Shivaji pulled out their swords to fight, it was for protecting this mother India. We Indians are inheritors of that legacy. We cant let these stupid and narrow minded politicians crush on this grand cause of nation building. Our young generation has to stand up and voice their opinion. A silent majority is of no use. When good people stop performing their duty then only bad people get their things done.

I started this blog by talking about the cardboard pad for my lappy and Hitch. After all this writing all I really wanted to say that if someone wants something they have to work hard for it like in case of people of UP and Bihar. They themselves have to become a pivot of change. In Hitch there is a dialog by Will Smith where he says that he helps in creating opportunities for common person to give them a chance to fight. Thats what should be the job of politicians in UP and Bihar. Once we get the level playing field than we will see who is better among all sons and daughters of Mother India. A mother doesn’t distinguish between her children. If one of the sibling has progressed and other one hasn’t done that much then it becomes duty of the successful one to see that the less privileged one also gets along with him. That’s what Indian family values are all about. That’s what you brag about to whole world. If you cant tolerate your own brother in your home then there is no moral right for you to claim it to any outsider. Wake up Indians, wake up and decide the destiny of this grand nation. May god direct our intellect in right direction.

Vande Matram
Jai Hind

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