Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Likes of Thackreys : Unwanted and Anti National Burdens in Today's InDia

At first I thought that I said enough about these Thackreys of Mumbai. But everyday they are showing new gimmicks and acting against the will of the nation. I haven't heard this kind of divisive talks even from stupidest politician of Tamil Nadu. I don't what itching makes them speak like that but I am sure of one thing; power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This hangover of the power is what making this breed of politicians to survive. A while back I had great respect for Bal Thackrey as I saw him the one politician who speaks against terrorism. But now I fail to realize that why he and his offspring are working against the nation itself. What pleasure they are getting by driving out the poor people of other states specially UP and Bihar. I am following this story very closely and trying to read between the lines. If they can read what I am writing here may be they will tone down their venom talk a little bit. I just want them to realize that they are also from the same womb as their latest hate targets from UP and Bihar.

I read today that Bal Thackrey is against using Hindi in BMC (Mumbai Municipal Corporation). Mr Thackrey do you know what is the origin of your so proud Mother Tongue Marathi?? It's the same Devanagri Lipi as of Bojpuri or Awadhi. It's a well known fact that except Tamil and some tribal Indian languages, all other Indian langiage have the same origin. I don't understand this mindless hate by you and your fellow ideological brothers. Raj Thackrey wrote in a article a while back that why Biharis don't celebrate Chhat puja near seas everywhere else like they do in Maharasthra. I would like to ask him why Marathis in Mumbai do Ganapati Visarjan somewhere else than sea? Chhat puja is performed everywhere while being half immersed in water anywhere in river or sea. Is Raj claiming that sea in Mumbai only belongs to Marathis and Ganapati Visarjan? No one else can use this water of sea in Mumbai besides Marathis? Do Marathis survive on different air and water than so called Bhaiyyas? Is Jai Maharashtra a better slogan than Jai Hind or Jai Bharat? The very same Lokmanya Tilak's soul would be taking turns in heavens while seeing all this stupid acts of hate against his own countrymen by his so called ardent followers. Bal Thackrey what legacy you are going to leave behind after your death? The very words Bal, Raj, Uddhav, Shiv Sena or Maharashtra Navnirman Sena are from core Hindi dictionary.

The Great Shivaji's heroics against Aurangjeb's misrule is used by Raj Thackrey as if all people from UP and Bihar are today's Aurangjebs. I don't know if he had his history lessons from some brainwashed persons. But I don't think that he knows what Shivaji did was for whole country and not particularly Marathis. Who was the Guru of Shivaji? Every blue blooded Indian knows that he was Samartha Swami Ramdas.. and what was his first sentence that captured imagination of world around him when his mother asked what he is doing while sitting alone in prayers,

He said “Mother, I am praying for all who are suffering in this world”. Samartha Swami Ramdas worshipped the same Lord Ram who was from same Ayodhya, which is now in same UP. These Thackreys say that they follow Shivaji and Swami Ramdas’s teachings. Than I don’t get it, why these Thackreys are behind people from these states. The very surname Thackrey is twisted version of the surname Thakur which is used prominently in north India. I lost all respect for Sr Thackrey when I saw him accepting hat from Michael Jackson when he came for tour in Mumbai. At first he was opposing his tour and later on agreed and after some time he was happily showing off Michael Jackson’s hat to whole media. I saw him many times going back on his promises and completely lost all respect when I heard that he going to support Pratibha Patil’s candidature for presidency in India, just because she is from Maharashtra. Than I saw that this man is putting stupid narrow regionalism over nation. So there is no difference between him and some thug from north east India and Kashmiri terrorists. When we should come together and put up a great fight for the cause of the nation, we are involved in petty things against our own flesh and blood.

Well my analysis of this situation is Bal Thackrey is getting old. Uddhav doesn’t have that fiery tongue which can keep that Marathi vote. Congress realizes that very well. Shive Sena is having little national ambitions. But there are elections coming in Maharshtra and chances are BJP-Shivsena combined is now going to win this election. But Thackrey Sr is now inclining towards Sharad Pawar’s party and Congress cant afford it. So to break that future alliance congress played this card to push Raj Thackrey as candidate for voters of Shiv Sena. This is clear by the actions of congress against clone Thackrey. Congress just allowed Raj to get prominence among national media by not taking any actions against him even though his goondas we on rampage in all over Maharashtra against North Indians. People see the irony of all this mindless violence the first person who got killed by Raj’s Goondas was a Marathi himself. Raj Thackrey has learnt few lessons to be popular in news hungry media. Like he is just talking to Marathi media, creating a enemy out of what he call Bhaiyya media to national networks. I have seen biased reporting from mainstream news channels against people of Gujarat and Narendra Modi and I opposed that. But what Raj Thackrey is doing is condemnable and stupid act to gain some cheap popularity. Raj’s party was on brink of extinction and he did what is required from an overly ambitious person for his own survival. I think this is high time that BJP severe its ties with ShivSena and let it rot. As there is no future for Sena after Bal Thackrey.

I hope the common Marathi masses know the reality of what is going on in the name of hate campaign against North Indians. Nobody is gaining in this dirty war except some endangered species of Thackreys. I hope better sense prevails. Awake Indians, take destiny in your own hands.

Vande Mataram

JaI HiNd

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