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The Ultimate Reality, The Supreme Truth: What All Religions Say About It

Why are we born?? I often wondered on this question. This has made me thinking most of the times. I am sure most of us think about it at one point of time in our life. Those who think a lot .. go on the eternal quest for finding the truth, or their real self.

I have studied or u can say read all of major religion's prominent books. The word Religion is made up of two Latin words.. which actually means "to join back". To join back where you originally belong to that is your natural state of being. I studied this all because I wanted to compare them with Sanatan Dharma or eternal religion that is hinduism. As I read and heard lots of propaganda against Hinduism. I find some interesting readings in all books, which people of different religion claim that belong to god or they are words of god.
Hinduism (including Buddhism and Jainism) defers in some fundamental ways to all other religions. I should not say its different since hinduism believes in all ways which lead to God or ultimate reality as truth. So it would be like other religions have taken a particular path to reach the same destination, which is fine from hinduism's perspective until you start forcing others to walk the same path. Hinduism doesnt exclude any form or way of worshiping the supreme.

Major semitic religions like Christianity, Judaism and Islam believe in having special chosen people of God, to only whom God is going to reveal the truth, even if they are some killers or persons who commit some wrong. Their sins are forgiven since they happen to be christians or muslims. Christianity is based on single one concept that we are born sinners and our sins can only be washed away if we follow Jesus otherwise we have to remain in hell until the day of judgement. Same with Islam, Quran even says that those who doesnt believe in Allaha, allaha himself has sealed their hearts and folks , If Allaha has already sealed hearts of kafirs and doest reveal himself to them than whose fault it is?? Is it kafir's fault or Allaha's who has sealed the poor fellow's heart. Well I dont want to criticize the bad in all but celebrate the good what these religions taught.

I will leave the judgment for you guys to make. Learn and decide whats right for u. Hinduism does exactly that. It just frees your mind from all dogmas and u become the ultimate decider of ur destiny. Hindusim doesnt believe in the thing that u r a born sinner neither it believes in having chosen people of God. It does believe in Karma Philosophy which says that if you have done bad or good Karma in your past life than they will certainly cast that shadow on your present life. Your current life is in your hand. Its for you to decide how to live it. This philosophy explains why some people are in miserable state even though they are doing good in present life or in good living condition even they are bad people. It believes in good of not only humanity but the whole universe. It propounds the philosophy of " Vasudhaiva Kutumbkama" means this whole earth is one family. When you start feeling the whole earth as ur family thn u will no longer be divided on basis of religion, caste, creed, richness or poorness.

Rig Veda declares that its " Ekam Sat Vipra Bahuda Vadanti" means the truth is only one and wise people call that truth by different names. So essentially its saying The Ishwar of hinduism, Allaha of Islam, Jevoh of Judaism or God of christianity are all same on philosophical level. I believe the word Kafir or Infiedel needs some serious redefinition. I think these words essentially means a person who doesnt believe in almighty rather than a person who doesnt believe in allaha or Christian concept of God.

God cant be for chosen people as we all, in fact this all on earth or universe belongs to him. He doesnt discriminate between his creations. The most common misconception about hinduism is Hindus worship of Idol of their Gods and Goddess. But every religion needs some kind of symbolism Like christians needs cross to keep alive memories of christ or muslims needs picture of Macca mosque or moon and star. Symbols are just meant for ur easy memory.

So the idlos are just meant for initial sadhna, where you can concentrate ur mind and start ur journey for higher truths. The ultimate reality or the ultimate goal of any soul is to merge with the supreme or become the supreme itself. But i still have doubts in chosing between three great concepts of hinduism. or indeed they are three different state of any religion which are defined as Dvaita, Vishishth Dvaita and Advaita. Dvaita philosophy means God and other creations are different from each other. Most of the religions are at this level only. These religions are unable to see essential unity of all.

The advaita philosophy means that this whole this is one. God is just a projector of this world. and human souls ultimate aim is to find this reality and become the god himself, since we are part of him only. Well I am still learning lots of things but this argument and Karma philosophy satisfy my mind. For me all religion's have three basic components they are Mythology, Rituals and Philosophy. and they differ basically in Mythology and rituals but the basic philosophy remains same. God is like fire , Some people use the fire for cooking Food, some use it for burning other's home. Its not the fault of the fire its fault of the user who is using it.

But god is beyond all reasons. If you try to find him through ur intellect than i think it will become a little bit difficult. Since God is raining its love and attention every moment. How much big vessel u r having to collect this will decide ur destiny. So open ur heart. Dont become a barrier to urself. Just see a river. It makes to the ultimate ocean in any way unless u start building a dam to stop its flow. Everything natural is what god has been keeping for you. We just have to remove all artificial constructions that we have developed ourselves.. So we are born to know the supreme reality. and sooner we start this better its for us.
May God Direct our Intellect in Right Direction
Take care all

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