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Happy Ending For BJP After Devegowda's Betrayal In Kar-Natak : Ma Kaveri's Water Turned Saffron Now Who Is Next?

I have always believed in words of greatest political thinker of India: Chankya. Who once said that expecting a government servant to not to indulge in corruption is like expecting a fish to not to drink water. Now what this has got to do with my blog? Well in politics you have to choose a lesser evil to govern as everyone knows that no political party is perfect in every aspect. They have some or other weakness on which any voter has to compromise while they vote for them. BJP is my lesser evil and I hope that one day they will become no evil party and serve well for the cause of nation building. I am not saying that they are not doing it now but still they have a long road to travel to become the perfect governing party. I have supported BJP because of Sangh as I see Sangh as only nation building social organization. If any body is affiliated with Sangh than in means that they have something of a national and patriotic character and I like honest patriotic people so I like BJP as of now. BJP is a political party and it has its own limitations so I can digest some mistakes which they have done like not opposing so called OBC reservation bill as this bill is against the idea of resurgent India. But anyways its political hot potato and I guess no party can oppose such a populist move unless Indians themselves reject such moves and vote for development of great Mother India.

Since BJP is my choice for vote so I was really happy to see saffron getting firm foothold in south of great Vindhya Mountain range like any other patriotic Indian. People of Karnatak have set a great example by giving a tight democratic slap on the face of some narrow minded regional outfit JD(S). I dont like regional parties as they work against idea of national interest and promote their regionalism for survival. Thats why it was really heartwarming to see BJP coming to power in Karnatak on its own. Well they still need some 3 seats to get a simple majority and I think it will be good for BJP to break JD(S) and merge its MLAs to itself to rule peacefully and carry out development work for next 5 years in Karnatak as per people's aspirations. People of Karnatak have trusted BJP and now its turn of BJP to show how it can be a different political party than all others. Narendra Modi has shown the way for all Chief Ministers to emulate. He has shown that how an honest and hardworking ruler change things for good in India and I think people all over India are yearning for this thing only.

Only sycophancy to a particular family isnt going to work anymore and people are not going to believe in empty promises. Congress has just given empty promises to this country for over 53 years and I guess people have seen enough of these hypocrites. The crowned prince of Congress and his Rajmata have failed miserably in all state elections so far except Assam. They won Assam with the help of illegal migrants from Bangladesh like CPM in West Bengal. But rest of India isnt border state of Bangladesh where they can do such things. Great thing about Congress is they give credit of even a small stone laying ceremony for development work to this Gandhi family but when they fail in actual test in elections, they defend them and say state elections are fought on local issue and other blah blah..

I was watching live results and comments made by so called congress stalwarts and sycophants like Jayanti Natrajan, Abhishek Singhavi, Jayapal Reddy and Veerappa Moily made me laugh most of the times. They were worried that their caste calculations didnt worked out well. By their statement we can conclude that its congress which kept India divide on British lines on basis of casts and religions. Thats why they kept whole country illiterate and ignorant so that they can rule. Well even Bellary rejected Sonia in this assembly elections. Rahul baba's discovery of Karnatak hasnt been able to give anything in return. The great hope in Siddharamiah and S M Krishna hasnt worked out well. It seems that instead of Rahul Baba's discovering people of India its other way round. People of India are discovering that this Nehru Gandhi king clan is good for nothing. Everywhere in all state elections wherever Crowned prince and his mother have campaigned, they have been rejected by people of India. I think congress has failed in keeping watch on mood of the nation. This mood of resurgent India where people have started thinking of person's character and ideology before voting for them is going to change the face of India pretty soon. This change started with elections in Gujrat where ModiJi has shown that if you present good choice in front of people, they will obviously vote for them.

There are few things which are working in BJP's way now. First Sangh's Swyamsevak's are given due respect for all the job that they are doing in such elections. Second, they are projecting a sincere and hardworking person with good track record as CM's choice. People respond positively when they know who is going to be leader of the pack. Third, they are giving chance to new and fresh faces instead of old guard as first time MLAs. This thing works to an extent as many times the old guard after coming to power gets corrupted and start behaving like the same old Congress. Fourth, they are including failure of Congress at center in doing anything good for India even after being four year in power. Congress's empty talk on all national issues angers people everywhere as they can see that the new so called "Aam Admi" of India is just one Gandhi Family. As this Congress central government is just working for betterment of this one family only. Fifth, BJP is doing a great ticket distribution where they try to give a consensus candidate to its party workers, so that everybody works for winning collectively. BJP should follow similar approach in upcoming elections in Rajsthan, MP, Chhattisgarh and Delhi.

Congress is in messy situation and I guess if we have general elections for LokSabha this year than congress will be routed everywhere in India. Its leader are failing to understand that India has changed a lot. They should stop thinking that whole India thinks of Nehru Gandhi clan on similar lines of theirs. This is the biggest mistake on Congress part. The sooner they amend it, better it will be for them to remain a national party. Otherwise they will end up like CPM in some remote north east state. Well its Congress's problem and I dont have to worry about it as its helping BJP in a big way.

So what after Karnatak for BJP? There are great chunk of parliament seats in Andhra, Kerala and TamilNadu. Like in all these three states BJP has got a regional outfit in form of JD(S) in Karnatka. We have similar pattern present in Andhra but Chandrababu Naidu is considered as a good person in AP unlike Gowda senior in Karnatak. Like Karnatak we have Congress present in a big way in AP. Situation is ripe for BJP to go for the kill in AP. It should support separate Telangana state movement and I guess Mr Narendran who is prominent member of TRS is having a Sangh background. he should be brought back to BJP and made in charge for movement of separate state of Telangana. BJP will be stronger in border areas of Karnatak and AP and should take this stronger position to bargain a better deal with Chandrababu Naidu. I guess BJP for now should look to strike a good deal with Naidu in AP as he and BJP will be fighting for the same votes in coming elections. TDP should also understand that its not going to lose its minority votes as BJP has won 12 muslim majority seats in Karnatak which is more than any other party there. In fact it should give those seats to BJP as BJP is having better chances of winning them. Well details of this alliance can be worked out.

Keral and Tamil Nadu will have some effect of this win in BJP's favor as BJP has put a good show in Banguluru, which is near to Tamil Nadu border. In Tamilnadu for the time being BJP should have a deal with Jayalalita as they have bigger enemy in Karunanidhi. Congress is no where in TamilNadu as it doesnt have any ideology for which people can vote for it. In Keral, BJP should try to eat into Congress vote as people who are voting for communists, vote for a ideology and its difficult to change their hearts. BJP's win in Karnatak will give boost to its chances in bordering areas of other three states. BJP should focus on those districts adjacent to Karnatak to make inroads their. They should cultivate a great regional leader like they have Shri Yedurappa in Karnatak. The day is not far when all states south of Vindhya will turn saffron. That day will be a great cause for celebration for many patriotic indians like me.

Another outcome of this election is all exit polls except surprisingly to an extent by NDTV, were proven to be wrong. All these exit polls are politically motivated polls which should be banned in middle and prior to election process. It should be allowed only at the end of final voting phase. I dont know how thick is Sagarika Ghosh and Yogendra Yadav's skin is? They were giving such a biased coverage in Gujrat elections and even after licking dirt their, they done the same thing in Karnatak. These jobless sephologists, anti national journalists and politically motivated channels should be given atleast some punishment for propagating falsehood. Like recently court has given punishment to CNBC TV18 financial analyst for propagating false information on TV. That analyst was recommending some share to viewer while he was selling the same on the same time. It will be a good example for these motivated TV personalities.

People have trusted BJP and BJP should respond to their trust. It should give them a government which work for welfare for its all citizens. BJP should not become mirror image of Congress. It should always keep a check on itself and try to resolve issue which concern common masses like terrorism, corruption and price rice. It should show how much difference it can create in people's life and make this century an Indian one. Till than I will be celebrating intelligence of Indian voters who are now exercising their democratic right very sensibly.
May this great work of Indian voters will continue to surprise anti national forces. May God direct our intellect in right direction.

Vande Mataram
Jai Hind

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