Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ulta Pulta Alliance or Un Provoked Assasins Somehow Completed Four Disasterous Years of Power in India: What Are The Lessons For Common Masses?

Poor and powerless [Bold and Beautiful :)] MMS declared today at the big food wasting get together that now its the time for tightening the belt and inflation and terror are two main challenges for Sonia Maino controlled government. Dr MMS I would like to ask what you would be able to achieve by tightening the belts now? or why it took you over four years to even acknowledge that terrorism is "one" of the main challenges for you today? Now you have identified the challenges but how you are going to solve this big mystery of terror and high inflation? Well even in last year of your, no no sorry ( I said sorry because these days if you are writing something against Sonia Maino than you may get arrested :) and i didnt wanted to give Sonia Maino another chance blast powerless Dr MMS ) Sonia Maino's government if you able to achieve something by tightening your belt than I am wondering why you had that belt loose for all these four years?

Dr MMS stop playing with words. You dont have anything in your hand for tightening or loosing. 95 % of your government is controlled by Sonia Maino and another 5% by leftist. Hmmmm well I should increase the share of traitor communists to somewhat more as sometimes it seems that its their government. Well that % figure is open for all to decide so anyone can have his/her call on that.

You came to power by crying for "Aam Admi" but I really wonder who that "Aam Admi" is? Since Sonia Maino's government seems to be working for no one in India except Gandhi family, so Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka and her children are the only "Aam Admi" in India today? Because I can see that none of your policies have benefited anyone in India. Sonia's government was just busy in preparing appeasement reports for minority votes, diving people on caste lines by reservations, sanctifying corruption for the powerful, busy in defending Ottavio Quattorochi, just clinching to power by compromising with left even at the cost of national honour, allocating national resources on communal lines, saving face in oil for food scam in Iraq, misusing puppet governors for grabbing power in opposition ruled states, naming every government scheme after Rajiv or Indira Gandhi, bringing misfortune to common masses by inflated food prices and other commodities, actively punishing honest people like Dr Venugopal for some stupid ego satisfaction, putting whole nation at risk by not punishing convicted terrorists, increasing home loan rate for middle class, busy in abusing Narendra Modi and toppling Mayawati, busy in destruction of Ram Setu and appeasing left by denying existance of Bhagwan Shri Raam, awarding Maqbul Fida Hussain and hounding Taslima Nasreen like an animal.

I guess this list can go on and one and on.. I am 29 years old now, I am telling you my age as I havent seen any other government working with some what matured mind. I am actively watching performance of this government on various fronts and I can safely say that this government is a disaster. We are in such a crucial moment of history where whole world is watching India so closely and getting new inspiration from its few honest citizens like Ratan Tata, if any other government was their it would have focused more on enhancing India's stature on internal level and increasing quality of life for common masses. But this Congress party cant shrug off its past. The only good thing a congress government in past did was liberalizing India's economy but I must remind you that it was Shri Narsimha Rao who was the prime minister and this Italian lady was not on the scene.

Common Indians specially voters should understand value of their vote and cast it for betterment of the whole nation by removing this corrupt and non performing government who has completely surrendered to China, in next general elections. Dont give keys of your fate to these bunch of corrupt thugs. This is the golden time for India and we need a strong government which can take care of India's interest domestically and internationally. Arise and awake Indians and take matter in your hand. May God direct our intellect in right direction.

Vande Matarma
Jai Hind
Hemant Dubey

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