Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Democratic Slap Has Got Communists of India RED Faced

Communists of India, a traitor, double speaking, full of hypocrites group got the real taste of democracy yesterday. People of Nadigram and Singur voted these communists out from panchayat bodies of these red terror stricken towns of West Bengal. This is celebration of democracy and I congratulate fellow Indians of Nandigram and Singur who have shown the rare courage of voting out these red bandits after 30 years of ruling there.

This is just the beginning. As I have written earlier in my blogs even before you heard of booth capturing and political murders in Bihar, the communists of Bengal had perfected this art of muscle power and it was on full display for all to see in every election held there. In these elections also so many people got killed by this red terror killing squad. These bunch of red thugs haven't even spared their own coalition partner RSP leader's home. They burnt his home and RSP leader's niece suffered some 90% burns and died two days ago.

This is what the real face of communists in India and every where. These Red thugs are just bunch of power hungry individuals who live like parasites on people's blood. They are real wolves in sheep's clothing. They talk of human rights every where and kill people, rape women in their own backyard.

People of Nadigram and Singur has shown the power of democracy and people. When you exercise your rights without fear and perform your duty for the nation, you will reap the benefit. I would like to appeal Mamta Banarjee that now she should not oppose the Nano Plant of Tata. She can demand better compensation and I guess Mr Ratan Tata wont have any problem in accommodating justified demands.

I salute people of Nandigram and Singur who despite so many threats and trouble voted out the red terror from their territory. Now its turn of rest of the Bengal to follow the suit.

Jai Hind
Vande Mataram

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