Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Open e-Mail To Sonia Gandhi: On Rahul Vaid's Arrest

This is the email which I sent to Sonia Gandhi..

Shrimati Sonia GandhiJi,

I hope you are doing fine. I dont know whether this mail will reach you or not.. but still I have to do my duty as an honest citizen of India. There was a recent news of arrest of 22 years old IT professional by name Rahul Vaid under the charge of defaming you. I hope its still democracy in India. I am a taxpayer who pays taxes honestly for betterment of India. All civil servants including you get your salary because of my contribution to tax kitty. So I guess I have right to ask you some questions Sonia Ji..

1) In my India there is not enough police force to tackle everyday crimes and terrorist activities but how come we are wasting our police resources on a charge as stupid as writing something against you that too on internet against some 22 year old educated boy?

2) How come Maqbul Fida Hussain is not booked under the same crime and got arrested for making nude paintings of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. When somebody asks him questions than he is immediately told to be silent as India is democracy and we have freedom of expression here. so why you have two standards which distinguish between a common indian and some known painter. Is Rahul not human enough?

3) When you all politicians make so much rowdy show in parliament and even fight among yourself with mikes, chairs, files and become abusive and no charges are pressed against anyone of you than how come a you are framing a 22 year old for writing something against you because he doesnt like you?

4) You said that Narendra Modi is Maut Ka Saudagar so openly in front of all than dont you think that someone from Narendra Modi's side should file a defamanation suit against you for saying such a derogatory word to a political adversary?

5) Recently Karunanidhi and Buddhadeb Bhattacharya said so many derogatory remarks again Lord Shri Raam and every one was told to tolerate them as there is democracy in India. Why than that poor boy is arrested for making comments against you? Do you think you are above Shri Ram?

6) Raj Tahckrey said so many derogatory things about North Indians but your Congress Govt in Maharashtra didnt acted against him in time. Nobody filed a defamation lawsuit against him? Why these double standards for common and not so common people?

There are many more things and I can go on.. I just want you to respect freedom of speech for all Indians and withdraw charges against that 22 year old boy. I am not a fan of you as I personally think Congress is responsible for many evils present in India today. Your party has ruled India for 54 years out of 60 and still havent been able to provide good education and basic things like water and electricity to whole common masses of India. I think I have right to disagree with you and criticize you and your party's action if I found it wrong in my opinion. I guess thats what democracy is all about.

I hope you understand what I am trying to convey here. Please withdraw charges against that young boy, you have many more important things to handle.

Vande Mataram
Jai Hind
Hemant Dubey

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