Friday, May 09, 2008

Lets Create An Ideal India

There are few organizations in India whose work I admire the most for betterment of whole country. My heart fills with joy unbound to see fellow Indians taking active part in such a tremendous all round upliftment of the great mother India. I have always believed in sayings of the great modern sages like Sri Aurbindo, Swami Vivekanand and Maharshi Dayananda Saraswati. That Bharata will regain its past glory. I sometimes cried for not able to do anything for my motherland. I have only one passion and mission in my life I want to see all round development in India where each and every citizen is morally correct and know their duties with their rights, where we can again proclaim that Bharat is a devbhumi. Where the humanity has achieved its highest goal and she can again become the jagat guru to whom every country on earth looks for moral guidance.

I sometimes wondered that how a nation as great as ours has become like this. Where most of the common day life is in corruption till neck? How Bhartiya has become so morally corrupt in their nature and outlook? How we enjoy breaking up traffic rules and discipline in our country and following them in alien lands? How we have become so greedy for wealth and power that we went down to lowest levels to gain it? How sisters and daughters are being murdered for demands of dowry? How some of us have become so mentally corrupt that corruption has become like a non issue? We speak against it until we dont gain from it and make hue and cry if someone else has got more share of the pie.

How any work involving any government department can’t be done without paying bribes? How we can say that we worship Ganga and all other rivers as mother and same time polluting them with anything we find? How we say cow is our mother and we leave her on streets to fend for her? There are so many hows like this which needs an answer.

We everyday read Geeta and believe that atma is amar but we have become the one who are so afraid of death that even if a mentally sick girl is being raped in running local train in Mumbai in front of all, no one even protested that.

How we Indians have become so hypocrites in our nature and deeds. But complaining is always not going to help and that’s what I learned that if you want change you have to be pivot of change. Rashtra Jagrati Yagna is one which will require sacrifice from all of us.

I feel there is burning desire in all of us to do a lot for the motherland. Young are everyone’s hope. India is a young nation with 55% of population is under 35 and this is a great asset. This is the mass which is without any prejudice and past baggage. We need to channel this mass in right direction. We need to educate them about their heritage. We need to involve them in the political process so that elections are not decided by the voting of the poor ignorant mass who doesn’t know how to vote for their own wellbeing.

There is a lot to do and I hope organizations like RSS and Bharat Uday Mission will become launching pad of my desire to dedicate whole life for this great cause. May Ishwar be our guide for this noble cause. He is alone who sees all, listens all and cares for all.
Vande Mataram

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