Thursday, May 08, 2008

Satyamev Jayate: Dr VenuGopal I Salute You

Our unhealthy health minister Ambumani Ramdas got a nice judicial treatment by Supreme Court today. I liked this nice line by BJP spokesperson Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi. This line said a lot about the drama which was going on for past one year for autonomy of one of the most respected institutes of India: AIIMS. The main conspirator, actor, director and script writer of this drama was Dr Ambumani Ramdas of PMK party in TamilNadu. Who to his credit has only one thing that he belongs to some so called backward caste and reaping the benefit of that same low caste even after acquiring so much properties and medical colleges in Tamilnadu and I don’t know how long he will remain the backward. Well what else you can expect from a corrupt Indian politician except to bend and change rules for their selfish narrow interests.

When he was inducted in cabinet by poor MMS he asked for health ministry as he is having many medical colleges and lots of relatives in medical field that can get benefit of him being a health minister. Instead of looking into issues of malnutrition, infant mortality rate, universal health care, good and affordable health care for poor in India, he concentrated more on being in headline for stupid reasons like making statement against smoking and drinking of actors on cinema. He is thinking that whole of India is crazy about their film stars like some people in TamilNadu. Who will do anything their film stars do on the screen. I guess majority of the smokers and poor in India don’t start smoking out of their choice and seeing film stars. The poor population starts smoking because they don’t have any other thing to eat and entertain themselves. So smoking gives them a little stress relief at lower cost in form of Beedi. Majority in college starts smoking for fun and then get habitual to it. I have seen this in case of many of my friends and colleagues. Smoking by actors on film may be a inspiration for some people but I have never came across a person who says that he started smoking or drinking because he has seen some actor doing that. Do you guys really think that banning liquor advertisement on TV will anyway stop people from drinking and more importantly should a health minister involve himself in such a thing where he has many more important issues to attend?

I am not glorifying smoking and drinking and I know and very well understand that excessive liquor consumption by a family member leads to devastating results. But the path adopted by health minister is not the proper way to address that. He is just doing it to be in news because he doesn’t have anything other to show. Ramdas attacked Dr Venugopal because he wasn’t “cooperating” with him in granting favors to Ramdas’s relatives. When he saw that he cant dislodge an honest person from doing his job, he adopted the similar path like his corrupt ilk to get the law passed by bunch of thugs to lower the retirement age to 65 for AIIMS director. This is another episode where you can clearly see the weakness of the weakest prime minister of India Dr MMS. Dr MMS is educated enough with foreign degrees to understand the game plans of his ilk. But he, like many other instances, chose to remain silent and became a party in crime.

Dr Venugopal is world respected cardiologist, who performed first heart transplant in India. When many talented people were leaving India for sake of opportunities and better future abroad, few highly talented people like Dr Venugopal chose to stay in India and give their services to motherland. I would like to ask why a Lakshmi Niwas Mittal , a Hargovinda Khurana, a Chandrashekhar Subramaniam has to leave India to create their name? Answer is insult of that talent by bunch of corrupt thug politicians. They have not tried to created a working culture where merit and only merit would have been the criteria for someone’s job but instead they promoted culture of sycophancy which resulted in reward for few family members and disgust for the whole general public. Ramdas would have got away with all his stupidity if he was doing it in 70s or 80s. Today’s India is much different and I guess everyone can feel this except these corrupt thugs. Who doesn’t know any boundary while taking revenge for their stupid ego. These politicians were supposed to be servant of public but in India we have a majority which makes public to serve their interest. That’s why some caste based party like PMK is enjoying so much clout that poor MMS isnt able to do anything.

Although lower judiciary in India is neck deep in corruption but Supreme Court and High Courts of India still have some honest judges left, those who don’t fear anything and give verdicts solely on basis of solid arguments. I must take name of Justice Jagmohan Lal Sinha who showed rare courage and honesty and disqualified all powerful Indira Gandhi from her election from RaiBareli for using corrupt means. It was the courage of a single honest Indian which was responsible for change in long congress rule of India after independence. No body today remembers all those judges who were serving ruling party’s interest but everyone remembers one true honest judge of high court of Allahabad who just did his job properly. Is it too much to ask from civil servants to do their job properly? I guess the word proper had lost its meaning in India but now you see the nano revolution everywhere. Just one honest civil servant K J Rao gave Bihar its fairest assembly election of last 20 years. It was the power of a single honest person which stood against all the corruption and crime and gave people what they actually have as fundamental right i.e. the right to vote freely on their will. That power unseated one of the most corrupt Indian politician Lalu Yadav and ended his jungle raj in Bihar.

A single honest powerful person can do miracles just the way you see it in Ratan Tata, KJ Rao, Dr Venugopal, Narendra Modi and Swami Vivekananda. A honest person has got nothing to fear. They know they have power of truth behind them. They know they have got nothing to lose. How long you can keep sun from rising with your dark sheets? A temporary night of darkness may keep sun away from reaching to people but in the end when it shines with all its brilliance then darkness will have no place anywhere. India has produced a mind like Nachiket who went to the door of the God of Death “Yama” for solution of his doubts. When Yama saw sincerity in Nachiket’s questions, he told him the secrets of death. You can read it in the form of “Prashnopanishad”. This is what our culture is all about. This culture creates a free and honest mind which can question even all powerful death.

I salute Dr VenuGopal because he stood for the truth, he stood up for the fight against corrupt means which just wants to serve its narrow interest in form of Ramdas. For centuries we have know that its “Satyamev Jayate (it’s the Truth alone which wins)” and incidents like this reinforces my belief in that. I have done my mistakes in past. I am not a saint but incidents like this help me in becoming a better human being. The free, honest and fearless minds are all we need for taking India to its rightful place on face of earth. This is the time again for the birth of Nachiket in every home. Lets give that education to ours and future generations. Lets try to stand up for the cause of nation building. Lets come together and say enough is enough and now its time for resurgent India. Lets do our jobs properly and contribute to the greater cause of nation building. Lets try to be on the side of oppressed and give the voice to those who doesn’t have any means. Lets not violate the rules of traffic and try to get away by paying bribes. Lets stop corruption by not paying any bribe for vehicle license and passports. Lets start a nano revolution from our homes and make is so big that all wicked and selfish people fear to even come out.

This darkness of past many years has taken us to unimaginable filths where India got compared to everything worst in the world. Believe and know that you the inheritors of the legacy of Nachiket and Vivekanand. Come together oh Bhartiya for the cause of nation building. Let us stop feeding the useless animals like Ramdas. Let us celebrate this day for the victory of truth like we do in Dashahara. Lets say with pride again that I am an Indian. I am an Indian… Join the celebration with me in celebrating this new resurgent India.. May God direct our intellect in right direction.

Vande Mataram
Jai Hind

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