Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ManMohan Singh (MMS) Lost His Only Quality Which I Liked About Him i.e. Honesty

Poor MMS what have you done,
You made fool of everyone.

I borrowed these lines from famous 60s song by The Beetles. I knew that MMS is weakest prime minister in history of independent India but I still thought that this poor fellow is honest among all the dirt and corrupts who surrounds him. But TR Balu episode opened my eyes about him. Here even Sonia Maino is not involved like in the case of Quattrochi. In Quattrochi case I have given him the benefit of doubt because he is the poor fellow who is guarding the PM chair for the crowned prince. He is just carrying out orders of Sonia Maino and those who know me know that Sonia Maino is not in my good books for various reasons which I already discussed in various other blogs.

Poor MMS episode has shifted the power of prime minister’s office to some Italian Mafia’s home. All ministers in his cabinet openly say that Rahul baba should be the prime minister. MMS is taking care of property of Rahul Baba like some bonded labor working on rich land lords land in his absence. Its like infamous Lalu Rabadi episode where Lalu made his 4th standard pass wife the chief minister of Bihar in his absence. In this case our MMS is some PhD from Oxford University, so you can expect some difference between him and Rabadi Devi.

With this TR Balu episode the corruption and nepotism is been granted sanction from highest authority of power in India. I can safely guess that in majority of the cases that has been going on through years but not so openly. Even if some minister was getting caught for doing corrupt practices, he was immediately removed to save the face in front of the public. This is for the first time that even after having so many open proofs against a minister and by his own admission, the prime minister is taking his side and saying he hasn’t done anything wrong. Well MMS I would like to ask you what you consider bad enough to be classified as wrong.

On the basis of similar theory as our recently corrupt MMS is propounding now we can say that if a father, who is working in government service takes bribe in the name of his son’s or daughter’s well being is also not doing any wrong. A traffic police man who is not doing his job by enforcing law and letting off the violators by having some bribe in name of his children is also not wrong. A judge who after taking bribe in name of his children for some wrong judgment delivers verdict in favor of the offender and criminal is also not wrong. A public servant after taking bribe in name of his children for giving contract of construction of a bridge to some corrupt contractor is also not wrong. This list can go on and on. So if everybody with kids can do some corruption by this new MMS rule then only people without kids cant do corruption but if they have some people to take care of like their parents they should be allowed to do some corruption. I would like to appeal MMS to amend his newly created rule for people who have dependants. So it will leave us with children under age of 16 who cant do any corruption but everyone else is allowed to do it.

I know he is not the highest authority but still the Prime Minister’s office is considered as that. The highest authority of power that is our Super PM, Italian lady has already shown that she can do anything to save Quattrochi from Indian Law authorities. So I don’t want to talk about her. But MMS was seen by many educated Indians as the one who is just weak but not corrupt. He has proven everybody wrong by sending 8 letters to petroleum ministry for asking favors for companies run by TR Balu’s son. Is this kind of India we all want? Is this kind of India all great patriots have given their life? That’s why I came to the conclusion that Congress party is root of all evils in India, it’s the cradle of corruption in India. This party feed corruption and sycophancy from its highest authority. Wake up Indians, wake up before its too late for doing right things. See the real face of this congress led govt which is a failure on all fronts.

They are some bunch of corrupts who don’t think about common good of masses. They cant think for common masses because they themselves are not common. They all belong to some wealthy families and havent known what the hungry stomach feels like. They don’t know when you don’t get the clean drinking water because they are drinking packaged Bisleri water. They don’t know when common Indians on street don’t have anything to cover him up in cold nights because they have turned on their heaters. They live on us honest taxpayers money like parasites and favor their families over everything. This congress culture of sycophancy is not allowing honest people to join politics in India as they feel its of no use to dirty your hands. You have to be a criminal or a history sheeted person to join the politics in India. Indian voters havent been given right choices. If persons who win elections because of their qualities and not some caste and religion joined the assemblies and parliament of India, we all would have been living in a heaven.

Sadly this is not the case that’s why we Indians have to be pivot of that change where this type of corruption from its highest authority shouldn’t be tolerated. Wake up, wake up before its too late.. May God direct our intellect in right direction.

Vande Mataram
Jai Hind
Hemant Dubey

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