Monday, July 28, 2008

Extraordinary Problem and Its Extraordinary Solution: Best Way To Tackle Terrorism In India

Till now after reading my previous blogs you all might have a little idea about my writings. I try to formulate a solution for a given problem faced by our nation. Many times these solutions may not be as good as I think of them to be but still I like to try and think about all which is going on in our surroundings and issues which affect our daily lives. I know I am nobody but still I like to spread my thoughts and that’s why I write to you all who know me. You guys are the best judge of my thoughts. I don’t like to be pessimist and always try to look for the positive side. But terrorism is one of the thing about which I can hardly see anything positive. This current blog is been written after thinking of many days where I tried to think different aspects of this problem. Best thing would have been ending of a ideal Bollywood movie where the bad terrorist would return to home after persuasion from his family, friend and lover and lead a normal life. But unfortunately real life is very much different than real one.

There are certain things which you should think before reading this article further on. These terrorists are not sparing anyone. Earlier they were just attacking police and army posts and taking their revenge against India. They shifted their pattern in Kashmir and Punjab in 1980s and rest of India after Mumbai bomb blasts of 1993. In this new pattern they killed civilians on streets, bazaars and trains. Than attacked places of worships and now with this Hospital blasts in Ahemdabad they have added another very soft target to inflict maximum killings and mayhem. According to latest new reports terrorists planted the bomb in the car which was continuously following the ambulance which was bringing blast victims to hospital. They blasted car in hospital to kill as many innocents as they can through that blast. Now after this act of heinous crime nothing is safe in India. So you never know when the next blast is going to rip your or your loved ones body apart anywhere in India. We are left with very few choices; either you can just sit and pray that you or your loved ones are never going to be victim of this heinous crime against humanity or you can learn by seeing deaths of other people’s loved ones and act now to become more responsible citizen and perform your duties for the nation. Problem is we in India never think of those who are blown apart in these blasts as our own people. Since we and our loved ones are not killed so we will just sit or offer prayers in our places of worship. We act as a passive society which just waits for another bomb blast and speak the same dialogue again and again after any of these acts. Just see our honorable home minister Shivraj Patil. There have been many bomb blasts in his tenure as 4 years of Home Minister and he repeated the same dialogue of not letting any culprit go unpunished for these crimes against citizens of India. Now its altogether a different matter that no prime suspect of any of these blasts has been caught yet. Even though the one who is inside the jail waiting for his death penalty to be executed for past 2 years (Afzal Guru: convicted in Parliament Attack Case of 2003) by authorities, is been kept alive because this stupid government think that it will anger some people of a particular community. I want to ask here if anybody who feels anger by seeing a convicted terrorist like Afzal to be hanged till death, then shouldn’t we identify that person as future terrorist. Why someone will feel anger by seeing a criminal getting his punishment? And if this government of Sonia Maino thinks that a particular community’s member will think like that than isn’t this government is the most communal government ever ruled in India? This government is saying that all members of a particular community sympathize with convicted terrorist and in my view it’s the worst thing you can do to someone.

So anyway Congress and its spineless leaders are not going to be in my good books because of their deeds against this nation. I just want that we should not wait for another bomb blast to happen which involves casualty of our loved ones. For me all law abiding Indian citizens are loved ones and anyone’s unnatural death because of crimes like this makes the same impact every time. Terrorism is not an ordinary crime and solution to this problem is also not going to be ordinary. Sometimes we have to swallow some bitter pill so that we can be cured of a major illness. My solution to this major illness is the same bitter pill. We can think over it and make our government pass this law or we can just wait for another blast to happen and than cry.

I don’t consider terrorists and their sympathizers as humans because they are involved in inhuman acts. Since they are not humans so there cant be any human rights for them. These terrorists are like mad dogs and we kill mad dogs if we find out about them, since there is a danger from these mad dogs to common society. But there is a little difference between dogs and humans. In humans we have something very special which is known to all of us as our families and close friends. We share our grief, sorrow and pains with them. Families and close friends most of the times act as support structure for any individual and most of the times all family members know whats going on with other members life. Parents watch their kids and hope for their wellbeing and most of the times they know whats going on with their kids. If not parents than close friends and siblings are aware of all or some of the mess which we have in our life.

I would like to propose for a anti terror law which gives the same punishment to immediate family members and close friends as of convicted terrorist which is death. Please don’t get mad at me as this is the only effective solution which can prevent bomb blasts from happening. This type of law will act as a deterrent in would be bomb planter’s mind about the consequences of his act. He or she will think thousands of times before planting any explosive device anywhere. Just finding and killing a hardcore terrorist wont solve the problem now. Because those who plant bombs to kill innocents don’t have any regard for their lives. They don’t care about their own lives. But when life of terrorist’s family members are involved, who most of the time know what their daughters and sons are upto, he or she wont try to do such type of inhuman act majority of the times.

We can have certain provisions which can give pardon to a family. Most important of this provision would be if family members themselves inform law authorities about their terrorist minded children than they should get immunity from punishment. This law will work wonders in many ways as parents will start taking care of their own kids so that they don’t fall in wrong hands and all would be terrorists think about damage involved after they get caught and convicted for terror crimes.

There should be a separate police and courts to tackle this type of problem, which should directly work under a committee headed by army chief. Involving Army chief will give assurance of impartiality for those who are getting convicted under new anti terror law. Legal experts can define several options which can prevent punishment for innocents. Terrorism is violent but more of the fear psychological crime which tries to feed fear in common citizen’s mind. We should have such a law which takes this fear to terrorist and their sympathizer’s mind. They should know that they are going to pay heavily for their inhuman acts. It should be the terrorist who live in fear and not the common masses of our country. Because its terrorist who are doing bad things and not the common masses.

This law will solve all types of terror by Jehadi fundamentalist, ULFAs, Maoists, Naxalites, NSCNs and likes of them.

Another must thing to do is form all India school curriculum and all children irrespective of their faiths and communities should be taught same course throughout India. If some parents wants their kids to have religious education than they can go there after school hours or on weekends. If some parents want their children to become Pandits, Maulavis or priests then there should be a curriculum dedicatedly dealing with religious education in all religion. But course taught should be from one central government authority and government may take help of all religious leader heads for making that curriculum. This type of thing would promote national harmony and will prevent kids from getting carried away with unhealthy thoughts.

I think I said enough. But still in my view these are the best solutions for terror free India. If you like it then please try to circulate it around. Please think on what kind of India we want for our future generation. Think and act. Time is running out. Arise and awake Indians..

Vande Mataram
Jai Hind

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