Wednesday, July 23, 2008

UPA Won Trust Vote Using Corrupt Thugs : Who is Responsible?

The UPA and “Honest” Manmohan Singh won trust vote in parliament. My head wants itself to be buried deep with shame as I see what kind of corrupt thugs are ruling this great nation of ours. I wasn’t feeling like writing for quite some time even though many burning issues caught my attention like Baba Amarnath Land Transfer or hiking the creamy layer limit for OBCs or defeat of CPM in local body polls. I thought what I can do by just writing some piece in blog. Who is going to read that even if I write truth there? But as always it’s the only way I can remove frustrations from inside. I watched with horror and disgust some MPs throwing 3 crore cash inside parliament and telling us all that its bribe money given to them by Amar Singh of SP for just being absent from trust vote.

A sickening disgusting chill ran though my spinal cord and I started wondering whats wrong with us Indians as a society. A society which is producing so many corrupt leaders, A society which doesn’t give any value to merit, a society which just remains a mute spectator of extortion of the powerless by powerful, a society which is just running behind money and not thinking about the ways to get that, a society which reads scriptures, goes to temples, churches, mosques and gurudwaras daily but don’t hesitate in doing heinous crimes for sake of power and money, a society which doeant believe in paying taxes honestly and cry when they see some politicians or officials making tons of money through corrupt means, a society which just believes in getting its work done for railway tickets, passports, driving licenses, water and electricity connections by paying bribes, a society which worships women as gods in various forms but still kill someone’s daughters and sisters for dowry and the unborn girl child, a society which can spend hundreds of rupees on pizzas, multiplex movies but shy away from feeding empty stomach of less fortunate, a society which looks down upon people who earn their honest living by working as laborer, gardener, waiter, vegetable vendor and domestic helps as if they are not human enough to have that self respect, a society which just cares about someone who has money and power but never worries about their means to get that money. We have become a big society of hypocrites where moral values and merit doesn’t count for anything. Where the one who says truth to be told keep quite or made silent by murders or threats.

I know we all know about this but my problem is we all are not doing anything about this. Infact why I am telling you all, I myself is not doing anything about it. Its so disgusting to even think about what type of people are ruling us and being made important by this stupid electronic and print media. The likes of Lalus, Mulayams, Amar Singhs who are nose deep in corruption are being projected as savior of masses. One day one of these will become prime minister and than only god knows whats going to happen to India. These politicians have enough money to protect the government but I am sure these fellows don’t have money to spend on food for empty stomachs, drinking water, electricity, health care and roads for millions of poor of this nation. But I don’t blame these politicians. Its us the common masses are the only people to blame. We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated by these corrupt thugs on basis of caste, community and religion. These corrupt thugs are product of this hypocrite and corrupt society of ours and unless the morality content of common people of India is going to increase, I am sure we are going to be ruled by people which this society deserves.

All these corrupt thugs are not aliens from Mars. They are from among us. Its us who are responsible for this mess around us. Unless we as a society do something about this we are doomed to see many more Amar Singhs, Mulayams and Lalus ruling us. Arise and Awake.. Take destiny of this great nation in your hand.. Don’t think that you are not going to affected by these corrupt politicians. We as a society have become so mentally bankrupt that unless someone is going to kill or harass some of our own family member, we think that we don’t have any problem in our country. Today it may be your neighbor but tomorrow its going to be your turn and at that time please don’t expect anyone to come and help you. You have to deal with that problem like your neighbor whom you left alone in their struggle. Unless we are going to think every Indian as our neighbor we are going to be doomed as a nation.

Vande Mataram
Hemant Dubey

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