Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs: Its NOT years in your LIFE but LIFE in your YEARS which counts

I woke up in morning.. No not exactly morning but around 10:30 AM as its Dashahara, a holiday, today. Todays plan included going to Garba ground in evening to see last day of beautiful festival's last Garba this year... My friend joined for breakfast and he was switching channels and I heard the shocking news of Steve Jobs demise. Though there were news about his falling health in media, talks about how he is losing lots of weight and he may have few weeks left in his life but I believed that with so much advancement in medical science a super rich like Steve will win the battle eventually. He was living in US which is again the seat of learning for majority of miracles in modern medicine. This again boosted my confidence that the Tech Guru & one of the world's greatest innovator would pull off something of miracle sort and will defeat the disease like he has defeated the market forces with his great innovations all these years.

He breathed life in APPLE when people were busy in writing its obituary in 1997. It was almost God like thing the way he made APPLE sit on pinnacle of the glory from ashes of destruction. APPLE's share were at $4 when he took over in 1997. Micheal Dell even told that if he was the CEO then he thinks APPLE is in such a bad shape that he would just sell it in pieces.. Thank God that instead of Micheal, it was Steve who was the CEO and today the APPLE's share are worth around 400 times of what they were in 1997. What he achieved in 56 years of his life is a lesson for all around the world. His hard work & genius made APPLE world's biggest company as per market valuation and its such a wonderful miracle in just 15 years. He has co authored some 300 patents in his life of 56 years that too without having any formal education in engineering.

His life is like almost a fairy tale. The ups & down of his life, the trauma of being thrown out of his own company by someone whom you have chosen as CEO then returning back to the same company after 10 years and making its world's biggest company in next 15 years, changing the way people look & feel computers, their music, their phones , bringing extra-ordinariness from the ordinariness and simplicity with all style & charm.. What a wonderful life you have lived Steve.. You have truly made others counting for life in their number of years rather than years in their life..

I have always believed in one concept in my life.. I know I am not some big shot but still I have always believed in that you have to define your core values on which you are never ever going to compromise come what may. I have defined few bunch of them and I will write in detail about them in some other blog.. But for present context the first & foremost core value that I believe in is NEVER EVER to run behind money in my life.. Money or wealth can be byproduct of something that you are doing but it can never be your prime motive for doing certain things.. When you make money as prime motive for doing any activity then ultimately greed takes over and you start doing rat race for gaining more & more money.. you start overlooking the facts related to ethics and ways & means of making that money.. You start becoming a lesser human being and start ignoring basic tenets of humanity.. the criminals & corrupts behave in just this fashion.. For achieving something great & beautiful out of this life you prime motive should be greater benefit of humankind & society in general & I believe Steve just did that.. Through his innovations he always wanted to give something better to society and money was just a byproduct of his activities.. I just now have seal of Steve Jobs on one of my core values..

One person was able to change so much because he believed in his vision & hard work. I dont have words to write what I am feeling now as world has lost someone who could have done so much more in coming years. His was the one of the most productive life of a human being. The question which comes to my mind is why God takes away such a wonderful person at such a young age when many corrupts & thugs are living so happily. These thugs & corrupts are nothing but burden on mother earth & leeches who are getting fatter every day by sucking blood of common innocent people. The likes of Lalus, Mulayams, Mayas, Raj Thakreys, Karunanidhis, A Rajas, Gandhis, Digvijays, Sibals, Sharad Pawars and many more thugs like them keep on living and making earth a more worse place to live while likes of Vivekananda & Steve Jobs die young when they could have lived and added much more to quality of human life as a whole.

I am really saddened by the fact that Steve Jobs is no more. I have dropped the plan to see Garba tonight & would love to read more about this amazing human being. I know he wasnt all noble in his deeds but he was one of the greatest creative brains who has really changed the way we do some of the things in our daily life and for me whoever brings the change in quality of human life through his own personal genius is a person who deserves my salute & gratitude. He was bold in his thoughts & had the will power to succeed against all odds. This world is truly going to miss you Steve.. You were among the very few human beings, who would never accept the status quo and think different.. Its this thought which is seed of the great innovations & marvels in human history.. I will proudly say to future generations that I lived in times of Steve Jobs.. May you take a rebirth and born in India & solve the common man's problems through your creative genius.

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