Sunday, September 22, 2013

Regarding NRI Voting Rights & Power of Social Media

It was a weekend well spent, I did what I love the most doing i.e. Change the current system in India for better. I Did a lot of research on vote casting by Indian citizen living abroad. As I am living abroad now, I want to caste my vote in India's coming general elections. After looking into all available information and following was the summary of my finding;

1) NRIs with Indian passport are allowed to vote in Indian elections as per law changed in Parliament in 2011 but problem is to caste vote you need to be physically present in India in your constituency on Voting day. 

2) I got in touch with Ms. Kiran Bedi & former Chief Election Commissioner Dr. SY Qureshi on Twitter. Dr Qureshi informed that only a change in law in Parliament can change this situation. 

3) Than I started reaching out to various politicians & news anchors on twitter. Anurag Thakur of BJP responded back & I wrote to him about my solution;

As you might appreciate that its a huge cost & inconvenience to come to India for just do voting, I proposed for following solution;

1) Allow all Indians, who are registered with respective Indian Embassies to caste their votes through postal ballots in respective Indian embassies abroad. For this Indian Embassies can count number of Indians registered with them & ask for postal ballots accordingly. On voting days Indians can go and caste their votes. I think this facility should be available only for Loksabha & Vidhansabha elections. If its a huge inconvenience than we can limit this to only to Loksabha Elections. 

2) Second solution is allowing for online voting, government already has data through registered passport details, PAN card details & voter identity card. That database can be linked together & used for online voting. This online voting can hugely help those Indians who are out of their constituencies for work / studies or travelling. It will increase the voting percentage significantly too. I know there are some risks involved but when banking transactions & bigger tenders can be done online than why not voting. 

If this change happen than its the power of social media which will be responsible for this change. Lets work together & change India for better.. 

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