Sunday, October 27, 2013

Watched Live: Murder of Democracy as Serial Bomb Blasts Rocked Patna

I am a keen follower of Narendra Modi speeches & never miss the opportunity to listen him live through his website link. Today, being a Sunday, I was waiting in great anticipation for his big public rally in Patna after many years. People, who follow my writings, know that for me Congress party & its style of politics is root cause of all evils in India. Whatever wrong “isms” like terrorism, Casteism, communalism, SICKularism etc. which is there in India, has its genesis in Congress style of politics. Congress has mastered the art of divide & rule & has ruled ignorant masses for close to 60 years out of 67 years of India’s independence. I abhor Congress & its political destruction is one dream, I would like to see as reality in my life time.
With Narendra Modi giving a battle cry of “Congress Mukt Bharat” , this dream looks to be closer to reality. After his great show in yesterday’s rally in Udaipur, expectation from this rally was really high. UP & Bihar have 120 seats of Loksabha & if Narendra Modi wants to be in pole position, he has to atleast win 75-90 seats out of these 120 seats. Modiji & BJP knows importance of these two states & are playing their cards well to regain people’s trust. Moreover people of UP & Bihar are politically more aware than any other state in India. I say this by full confidence as I have spent good amount of time in these states & have plenty of friends & relatives there. When people of UP & Bihar vote decisively in favor of Modiji & BJP than all barriers of caste & religion will be broken & India will see formation of NDA govt under Modiji with 200+ seats of BJP.
For a long time, Nitish was showing his secular colors & was not allowing Narendra Modi to come to Bihar & do campaign for BJP in assembly elections. BJP being more democratic in nature accommodated this humiliation for the sake of people of Bihar as every anti Lalu vote was important. In parliament system, where first past the post rule elects your representative than it becomes important that you are aware of this political reality. BJP accommodated Nitish’s SICKular request but looked like Nitish wanted more. His cronies told him that he will have a real shot at becoming PM in coming days & convinced by this fact, he betrayed people’s mandate for NDA & broke the alliance which stood test of time.
Every sensible politically aware Indian knows that it’s time to finish Congress from Indian political scene as Congress is synonymous of what all is wrong with India at this point of time. Instead of strengthening hands of BJP & Modiji, Nitish preferred his ego & dream of being PM as more important. He knows that if Modiji becomes PM than there is no chance for him in next 20 years to have his shot at PM post. Unfortunately for him, Modiji & he has similar age, so he was more comfortable with aging Advaniji & hailed him conveniently as secular messiah.
BJP responded to his arrogance by organizing today’s Hunkar Rally in Patna’s Gandhi Maidan to show him that he has lived off BJP’s largesse till now & it’s time to show him his real place. If you see today’s rally, as per some estimates it was around 10 lakh people who participated in this rally, making it the biggest in recent political history of India.
I was waiting in anticipation that Modiji’s today speech will break the expectation barrier & move people of Bihar decisively in BJP’s favor. But to my horror suddenly the news of bomb explosions through-out city of Patna started coming in. I watched in horror the live murder of democracy, where a political rally is getting targeted to kill as many people as terrorists can by causing stampede. If terrorists would have been successful in achieving their objective, it would have been one of the worst days for democracy of independent India. In my view there were two main objectives which terrorists & political rivals wanted to achieve;
One is to scare people away from BJP’s future rallies as Modiji’s rallies are breaking records in number of attendees. Clear objective was to create a stampede & kill as many people as it could. Second objective was to scare Modiji of things to come, if he keeps & increases the pace of his election campaign. Yesterday, Janardan Dwivedi, spokesperson of Congress warned Modiji that if he doesn’t stop calling dumbness personified Rahul as “Shahzada” than Congress will do something drastic; it’s not doing it as model code of conduct is on. It was such an open threat & today we had bomb blasts. I am not really sure if there is connection between the two but it raises suspicion as Modiji is biggest threat to prevailing status quo. He is ultimate outside warrior who is threatening the rule of corrupt elites & those who have benefitted from prevailing status quo for a long time.
I want to see how many secularists & human right activists will call the bomb blasts in a political rally in Patna as live murder of democracy. Patna, Bihar is not some remote area on J&K border or North east area where you expect this to pass as some regular incident. It was a preplanned conspiracy to deny people their right to participate in a political rally. I congratulate people of Bihar that they showed a great political maturity by not falling prey to conspirators & avoided a big stampede inspite of several bomb blasts. It just shows how politically mature are people of Bihar & I know they will vote decisively to remove corrupt secular thugs & will be instrumental in bringing Modiji to power in Delhi.

We, the Common Indians who want benefit & all round progress of India, & are looking of complete system change, we have to play our part well. This system change will be done by someone who is not beneficiary of this system. After living in Gujarat for a long time under Modiji’s rule, I can vouch for the fact that he single-handily has changed system for better and made improvement in quality of life of people. For common Indians, Modiji is the best bet for all positive changes that we are seeking in India. But rich & powerful status quoists don’t want it to happen as it presents a threat to their vested interests. That’s why now onus of responsibility is on the educated middle class to become a real vote bank & tilt in favor of Modiji decisively, otherwise it would be really tough to remove Congress virus if we are not able to do it in 2014.

 “Samar shesh hai, nahi paap ka bhagi kewal vyadh
 Jo Tatastha hai, Samay likhega unke bhi apradh” – Shri Ramdhari Singh “Dinkar”

This poem written by Dinkarji means that battle is still not finished & time will tell crimes of those who remained neutral in this battle, as this is the last battle to be fought to establish the “Dharma”. This poem often comes to my mind when I see a lot of educated Indians not willing to take a stand & be counted when it matters the most. The usual excuse given by most of educated Indians is that everybody is corrupt & one vote can’t make a difference. We have to overcome our prejudices and vote for a better India. Only then India’s destiny will change.  I am hoping that we all will play an active positive role to bring this change. Vande Mataram

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