Friday, December 06, 2013

Madiba: One of the Last Politicians Whose Death Will be Mourned All Over The World

Everybody knew it was coming but was expecting that it will get delayed more. He was sick earlier too but the hope was he will again defeat death like he defeated the mighty empire, bigotry & ignorance in past. Nelson Mandela might be one of the last political leaders whose death will be mourned all over the world. I am really amazed at his ability to forgive his oppressors once he got the power & stopping black south Africans from doing retaliatory attacks on whites. I have always believed that the True test of character & belief comes once you get the position of power. I was told this by my father, who studied all Hindu Scriptures in great details. I am happy that Mandela did not disappoint me on this front.

I was just a kid when Madiba was released from Jail. In a world where materialism short term satisfaction by hook or crook has taken over all good values, it was nice to learn about people of great character like Madiba. It gave a comfort feeling that all is not lost, that there is still good in this world. Madiba's passing away has created a moral vacuum in politics. Politicians world over have a lot to learn from life of Nelson Mandela. I heard about Gandhi's way doing politics, but saw it in action through Madela's struggle.

Many people are now bothered about which way Aouth Africa will go after Madiba's demise as Mandela was the difference between South Africa being advanced largely peaceful country & rest of African countries where tribal wars & anarchy is rampant. One great hope is 40% of South Africans are called Mandela generation, this generation is born near to or after Mandela was released from prison in 1991. This generation is largely aspirational & not stuck in past. Hopefully all will be well.. Let's hope people will honor memory of Mandela & stay united on path of progress.

Madiba your presence will be missed all over the world as leader who upheld morality against all odds... RIP.. 

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