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Aam Admi Party Formula=(Congress+Communist)Politics+ Holier Than Thou Claim

Around 2 years ago I wrote an open letter singing praises of Arvind Kejriwal. This letter was in response to his open letter in TOI. Kejriwal, at that time looked to me & many as strong anti-corruption activist, whose pictures of sleeping on train plateform made me promote him through my social media handles. I really liked activist Kejriwal & was inspired by his story of having education from IIT & leaving IRS job to join activism in India’s interest. I looked upon him as someone who could be an inspiration for today’s youth, just like Narendra Modi. I hope you are noticing my use of past tense in above sentences for Kejriwal.

Today, when a new year 2014 is waiting for us, situation has changed dramatically. I joined anti-corruption movement in hope that lokpal bill be passed & Congress will be removed from government & finally finished for good. For me Congress is root of all evils in India & it can’t change its basic character of divide & rule, institutionalized corruption, communalism, minority appeasement, casteism & povertarianism etc. Congress is against aspirational politics, as awakened masses are no longer interested in only filled stomach. This century can belong to India, if we play our cards well. Anyways, I was on Ramleela grounds on August 2011, when Anna broke his fast on Congress promise of passing Lokpal bill. We all were overjoyed & danced till late night on 27th August & again on 28th August. I noticed one thing but ignored, some volunteers were distributing “Swaraj” written by Kejriwal & I couldn’t understand why Kejriwal is promoting himself when agitation is on full swing. I got the answer in December 2012, when after some more fast drama, Kejriwal hijacked Anna’s movement & talked about launching political party. I was alarmed & wrote a blog that only Congress will benefit by such move. Today, my fears are proven right. I'm not against anyone forming political party but feeling that someone rode on my shoulder, or people like me to help Cong in end is not a nice feeling as Congress is & will remain root of all evils, until we finish it off politically.

Kejriwal & his comrades, under guidance of Comrade Yogendra Yadav chose Delhi as their political play-ground. They already had their names known to people through Anna’s agitation & ready volunteers who could be used for political work. Many AAP volunteers, who supported Kejriwal for CM candidate, were supporting Narendra Modi for PM candidate too. AAP leadership started coining phrase like AK4CM & Modi4PM to keep their prospective voters focused on voting for them in Delhi Assembly elections. Some were telling that AAP just want to remain in Delhi, which just has 7 Loksabha seats & we are not going to harm Modi’s national campaign. I came across these types of volunteers on social media too & it’s a well-documented fact. What amazed me was how easy it was for AAP leadership to fool people with such slogans. As I know that Comrade Yogendra Yadav, till very recently was on advisory panel of Rahul Gandhi. Similarly Arvind Kejriwal’s first guru Aruna Roy is in Sonia’s NAC. These people are very close to Congress & will any time give or take support in name of secularism or some other stupidity. I am guessing that in 2019 elections, Yogendra & Kejriwal will be left & right hand of Rahul Gandhi, well that’s another topic & I know I will get a more solid ground to write on this too.

I wanted to write on AAP & its politics before start of Delhi elections, but took some time to see them in action & to be sure that my conclusions don’t sound superficial. After seeing Kejriwal doing summersault on majority of promises that he made before elections, I am more than convinced that Kejriwal & AAP are just a tool to keep away Narendra Modi from becoming Prime Minister of Indian in 2014. Congress is like manipulative vamp, which just goes after short term strategies to win whatever it can. Congress knows that in first past the post system of democracy, if you can divide enough votes in multi angle contest, you have a bigger chance of winning, than you can cobble an alliance in name of secularism & keep on looting the nation.

Congress has two primary vote banks, Muslim & Christian Minorities & poor. Muslims are shown fear of RSS & Modi every time & similarly poor are given bribe of free food, free money via wasteful schemes like NREGA to make them vote again & again for Congress. Congress doesn’t want poor to aspire for more than free things as it will trouble status quo of voting pattern. Educated middle class also voted for Congress or remained passive in last general election as economy peaked as Congress rode on good work done by BJP government. This time middle class is angry & want to punish Congress badly. To not let educated middle class en-block against them Congress needed a party which can cut enough votes to give Congress a fighting chance.

Congress has three types of party supporting it, indirect supporters like SP, BSP, NCP & DMK who under grab of secularism just want gravy train to go on. Second are direct supporters which merge in Congress after some time like PRP of Chiranjeevi. AAP will belong to this category. Third category is of MNS types, against who if Congress wants, can act on law & order issue, but won’t as it helps Congress to keep voters divided & win.

So AAP & Kejriwal, who have captured support of some educated illiterate Indians, are seen as useful in 2014 general elections to divide anti congress educated middle class votes & stop Modi from coming to power. You might have seen how status quoists media, which found it hard to support Congress after so many scams, is so much interested in pitching for Kejriwal as PM candidate just after winning 28 seats in assembly elections. Congress through media wants to give Kejriwal more space than he deserves just to make sure that he cuts enough votes in 2014 elections. I just hope that educated middle class sees through this design & keep their support for Modi in 2014 General Elections.

BJP & Narendra Modi supporters have to work tirelessly to remove the mask from AAP & Congress. Before elections every AAP supporter was shouting Cong-BJP Bhai-Bhai to just equate Congress & BJP & pitch AAP as different from both. AAP volunteers conveniently ignored the fact that BJP has never given or taken support from Congress to form any government. AAP now sits comfortably in Congress lap & has formed government with their support, but still claims that it’s Cong-BJP Bhai Bhai! I am just amazed at their lying & propagandist capability, which only matches with Congress, BSP & SP. Kejriwal has become an educated version of Lalu, Mulayam & Mayawati, who might abuse Congress from time to time but will take & give support under some pretext, most commonly on Secularism.

If you connect all the dots from past 2 months, it will become clear that AAP is nothing but follower of Congress dirty politics, Communist economic visions & copying some BJP strategies. AAP has well known naxal like Binayak Sen on its committees, it has anti nationals like Prashant Bhushan, who openly advocates J&K referendum, Kejriwal questions Batla house encounter & martyrdom of inspector MC Sharma, Kejriwal meets Fatwa issuer Tauqeer Khan & joins hands with Bukhari to get Muslim votes.  AAP also inducts anti-development foreign funded activists like Udayakumar in Tamil Nadu & opposes nuclear energy for India. Bhushan is also actively seeking support from communist parties & will welcome more communist people under their umbrella. It raises very important question for educated middle class- will they support such party which denies Indians energy & keep us backward? Is corruption only issue & others like national integrity, people’s security, promoting meritocracy instead of dole based status quo type society, are non-issues? Does the educated middle class want inefficiency of old government days when everything was owned & delivered by government? In my view by supporting Kejriwal & AAP, educated middle class is only supporting Congress & Communist style tokenism & symbolism & wasting its crucial vote when we are so close to throw out Congress from India. Parties like AAP only prolonging the inevitable demise of Congress by cutting educated anti Congress votes.

More you listen to Kejriwal these days, more lunatic he sounds.  In one morning he says why BJP didn't purchase 4 more MLAs & formed government in Delhi, in evening he starts abusing Anna as Anna gives his approval for Lokpal bill, which was cleared by Parliament Select committee. Kejriwal also asks Cong what is the meaning of "unconditional" support. Well he is IITian, can surely look into dictionary. He writes to BJP & asks them to agree to his conditions to form government. Has anyone ever heard that a party which is going to form government asks opposition party to agree to its demand to sit in opposition? He is just three days old in government but it has exposed him thoroughly. First he swore on his children’s head that he won’t take & give support but now conveniently sits in Congress lap. In haste he orders free water till 20KL/month to be given to those with meters in Delhi. Now majority of Delhites don’t have meters & those who use more than 20KL/Month water will have to pay 10% more amount of all the water that they have used. This is infact costly than what these people are paying now. Similar ridiculousness is with electricity. Kejriwal & AAP shouted that Electricity companies are doing extortion & electricity can be given atleast 50% cheaper. But reality strikes him & now he gives 50% subsidy to people who use less than 400 units. So electricity companies are not exactly robbing as claimed by him & AAP. In last two days he has caused 240 Cr losses to exchequer for tokenism. Similarly he has refused to take security but we all know that police needed 10 times more policemen to allow CM his tokenism joyride in Metro, where Mr. Satyawadi was sitting on seats reserved for women.

It’s amazing irony that party which was formed on anti-corruption plank is doing free water, cheap electricity bribery to voters in just 3 days of its office. What is the difference between Congress giving free food & loan waiver bribe to Poor & AAP’s free water bribe to Delhites? What is the difference between an anti-national Arundhati Roy who demands referendum in J&K & Prashant Bhushan? What is the difference between a Digvijay pandering for Muslim votes by questioning martyrdom of inspector Sharma & Kejriwal? What is the difference between naxals who are anti-development extortionists & Naxal Binayak Sen sitting in AAP’s committee? What is the difference between Jihadies claiming Yasin Bhatkal is innocent & Kamal Farooqi saying the same?

I am tired of Kejriwal showing holier than thou attitude but doing the same thing again & again. I will give him some respect if he just stop pretending to be different when it's nothing different which is happening in Delhi, stops having this holier than thou attitude when Anjali Damania can claim to be farmer to do land grab, when Shazia's secretary gets expelled for accepting black money. There is nothing different which AAP is doing which is not already in place. Also as per as per AAP's last pre-election survey by great Yogendra Yadav it should have got 47 seats. Before elections, every month they did false survey to boost morale of AAP supporters & Yadav admitted it on TV too that they were Farzi surveys. Don't you think that people who claim to stand on pinnacle of truth shouldn't take Farzi route? Sometimes I feel that like Congress needs poor people to do its politics, Kejriwal & AAP need corruption to do theirs.

AAP is nothing but combination of Communist & Congress politics. I urge educated Indians, who after a long time have started taking active interest in politics beware about value of their vote & support. AAP's economic & national security policies (not all clear but you can see its glimpses) will do no good for India. Their economic agenda & national policies are Communist+ Congress mixture with a pinch of anti-corruption & holier than everyone flavor. Please don’t waste your vote & support on new comers whose main agenda is to stop Modiji by dividing educated urban class anti congress votes. Main point is whatever Kejriwal & Gang wants, that change is already happening in many states in one way or another. If you still want to do experiment with your vote & support than please do it after 2014 general elections. Till than please don’t waste it on someone who is again going to strengthen Congress.

Vande Mataram

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