Saturday, January 04, 2014

House Problem of CM Kejriwal: Few Questions to Educated Illiterate AAP Supporters

I am simply amazed at the fact that how easily Kejriwal & his Naxal friends are misleading educated illiterates of India. Everyday Kejriwal is entertaining us with some new drama. Yesterday he threw new drama by tweeting on self created controversy on his house as CM of Delhi. Some educated illiterates are claiming that Kejriwal did a great sacrifice & listened to his supporter after he sent out many tweets on not taking 10 Bed Room Bungalow & looking for some other 2 house accommodation. But Looks like there is more to this than just meets the eyes. AAP now looks bunch of immature people, who have bitten more than they can chew in hurry to become part of Congress grand game plan of 2014 election. I just want to put few points to educated AAP supporters:

1) Many like me knew that AAP is more drama than real substance before elections too. As people who are surrounding Kejriwal like Yogendra Yadav, Binayak Sen, Prashant Bhushan are known for their antics.  

2) AAP leadership is just more exposed when its in government as people can now see that there is big difference between just putting allegation on someone & do drama on issues than to put everything in practice. A CM & ministers need good accommodation & vehicle as official tools to carry out their tasks effectively. AAP leadership knew it from beginning but just to do some drama they claimed they wont take cars & govt houses if voted to power.

3) Now AAP educated supporters asking for more time to see how Kejriwal is going to act, well my dear friends when I have already seen Modiji delivering his best since last 12 years, why would I trust a Naxal Drama Kejriwal? Kejriwal's Nautanki on house issue is just like Sonia Gandhi Nautanki of 2004 where she refused to be PM but actually enjoyed power without accountability. 

4) Kejriwal & AAP educated supporters have created all these controversies by their own conduct. They are responsible to putting unrealistic drama in public domain to fool people. When Kejriwal on his day 1 goes to Ramleela maidan by sitting on ladies seat in Metro, than you can yourself see how he himself care of rules & norms. 

5) Educated AAP supporters have to understand that AAP is nothing but Congress short term project for 2014 elections to cut anti Congress educated votes, which would have been surely gone to Modi led BJP.  As if you vote for anyone else than BJP led NDA, your vote ultimately goes to Congress.

6) Educated AAP supporters should ask themselves- Is corruption only issue in India? We all are facing terrorist threats in our everyday life, Naxalism is destroying so many villages, National integration of J&K & some North East states still in throws challenges, economic scenario is troublesome, inflation & price rise has made people's life very difficult & our energy & infrastructure related problems are really huge. In such scenario, will you support someone who sides with terrorists like Kamal Farooqui? Will you side with someone who questions India's integrity like Prashant Bhushan? Will you side with someone who sympathizes with Naxals like Yogendra Yadav & Binayak Sen? Will you side with someone who is destroying India's energy security by opposing nuclear energy like Udaykumar? Will you support someone who promotes doles & subsidy based economics? Please ask these questions to yourselves. 

7) Educated AAP supporters must ask this question on why everyone, including their AAP leadership, anti national NGOs, terrorist organizations, Congress, Mulayam, Lalu & communists are against one single man who is just doing his job since last 12 years. If Modi has done anything wrong, he would have been hanged by now. Supreme court appointed SIT has given him clean chit 3 times. 

8) Congress is root of all evils & until its there, India wont progress. Only Modi led BJP can destroy Congress & bring all positive changes in India. Those educated illiterates who still want to do experiment should do it after 2014 general elections. Till than I would request that together we have to work for Modiji's victory in 2014 elections. 

I hope you all will understand & wont waste your vote & support on Congress & its allies like AAP in 2014 elections.

Vande Mataram

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