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Superman Who Couldn't Even Crawl: Will AAP be Like Tehelka of Politics?

Before Delhi assembly elections & government formation, AAP supporters really thought Arvind Kejriwal as some messiah who had readymade solution & he would solve all problems with in one day of taking charge. His cult grew in name of honesty, simplicity & anti-corruption. Many of his supporters projected Congress & Narendra Modi led BJP as brothers in arms. AAP supporter’s favorite slogan was “Cong-BJP Bhai Bhai”. When anyone tried to reason with them with facts, they replied with the same line again and again. Their messiah too swore on his children’s head that he will never give or take support from Congress or BJP. He said in loudest voice that it would be cheating with people as people are voting against Congress & BJP to his party so he will never break their faith.  But as the saying goes that much water has flown in Yamuna after 8th December so now we have a nice compilation of before & after scenario in case of Kejriwal, which we should make every AAP supporter watch again & again.
I must admire Kejriwal’s confidence as he says many things & exactly their opposite things with full confidence after sometime. Wonderful thing is some people still gets convinced with both things that he says. Kejriwal could have been a very good Congress politician of 1970s & 80s, where not many means of communication were available. Unfortunately for him, in age of social media, it has become next to impossible to carry on with shallow dramas for long as people can see truth very easily and in less time. Social media has played a very strong role in making Kejriwal of today. To his credit, he exploited every available platform to full extent. When no one in main stream media knew anything about him, he used all available communal platforms of RSS to spread his message. He then became a regular visitor to Baba Ramdev’s meetings & used his resources to gain more acceptability. When Baba Ramdev & Sri Sri Ravishankar brought Anna Hazareji from Maharashtra to Delhi to fight against Congress’s systematic corruption, Kejriwal saw opportunity & jumped to Anna’s side. When their utility was over than suddenly Sri Sri Ravishankar & Baba Ramdev became too communal for him like RSS & he found great support from left leaning organizations. He portrayed himself as Anna’s General, became a household name, in time of “Indian Against Corruption Movement” took support of BJP under Gadkari & as it happened with all others, after their use he abused Annaji & BJP too. He used volunteers of IAC for his online & social media promotion. I, a Aam Admi as any Amrud can get, also supported him at that time.

People like me use social media to promote Narendra Modi’s good governance stories from a time when no one heard of Kejriwal. First it was blogger, Orkut (Social media networking site like Facebook-many might remember) & later Facebook & twitter. Modiji & BJP’s supporter use social media as main stream media (MSM) is more or less in control of Congress. MSM, most of the times try to show Modiji & BJP in bad light, because of either money or left leaning ideological reasons. Very recently MSM channels were forced to live telecast Modiji’s speech as his popularity grew because of his good governance & people wanted to hear more about him. Media had to show his speeches but they were very quick to point out flaws in him. Prime time discussions still mostly end with one BJP spokesperson versus 5 or 6 anti Modi panelists. That’s why Modiji relied heavily on social media to get his message across & establish direct communication with voters. If MSM showed what all Modiji did all these years in Gujarat, like they are making positive national news of loose motion of Kejriwal, Modiji would have been Prime Minister in 2009 elections itself. Kejriwal learnt the trick of using social media from him via IAC engagement as many Modi supporters joined IAC. Many in IAC movement viewed Congress as root cause of all evils. It looks to me now that Kejriwal was the Trojan horse in IAC by Congress so that he can be used at right time. What else right time can be than 2014 general elections?

IAC was primarily representing educated middle class’s anger against Congress mis-governance. Congress first dismissed this as it knew that middle class is too lazy to vote against it in big numbers & Congress main vote bank is poor & minorities. But later on realization of mass anger if educated middle class, Congress infiltrated & broke the movement via likes of Agnivesh & Kejriwal. Kejriwal was always in touch with his guru Aruna Roy, who is part of Sonia’s NAC. The day Yogendra Yadav, a known Congress sympathizer & former Rahul Gandhi adviser, joined Kejriwal in politics; the game-plan of Congress for 2014 general election became clear. Many might know that Congress generally wins by dividing voters in first past the post system of democracy. Congress uses this strategy quite frequently & you really have to be politically illiterate to not to know about it. Few recent examples can be like Congress popped up Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam Party, divided vote, won election in AP & later merged PRP with it. Similar strategy worked in Maharashtra with MNS & KJP in Karnatak. Since Congress may still exercise control on poor & minorities, there is a big chance that educated middle class will vote against it in coming elections. Here Kejriwal & AAP role becomes increasingly important in Congress 2014 scheme. AAP will cut educated middle class anti Congress pro BJP / Modiji votes nationally as people don’t know AAP in villages that’s much so in that way will hurt BJP & Modiji in some way & benefit Congress.

After declaring Modiji as PM candidate, BJP was riding high & won MP, Rajsthan assembly polls by big margin & Chattisgarh with comfortable margin. In Delhi, which could have been big BJP win, Kejriwal with AAP divided anti Congress votes & made Congress rule possible by forming government with their support. Inspite of being largest party BJP did right thing by not forming government in Delhi as it didn’t have numbers but from here on Kejriwal’s messiah status increasingly started coming in doubt. He started “now trademark Spit & Lick” brand of politics the day he took Congress support to form government.  He was so confident in telling before elections that you can’t clean corruption, if you ally with Congress & similarly he was comfortable in asking Doctor Harshvardhan evidence of Congress corruption after he took Congress support & formed government. In span of less than 20 days, after he formed government, Kejriwal has broken all what he stood for before elections. As I said I am really becoming a big admirer of his confidence in telling two exactly opposing thing in just span of few days.

Here is what he did in last few days. He raised big noise on VIP culture & said he & his ministers won’t take any government cars & houses but suddenly Toyota Innova became AAM car for ministers, who used Auto Rickshaws on first day of assembly. Doctor Harshvardhan really did an open heart & brain surgery of AAP & Kejriwal while responding to trust motion in Delhi. Kejriwal’s big idea of Swaraj has turned out to be misguided & impractical form of communism. First thing he did was to give subsidy to non-needy people on water, second thing he did was giving subsidy on power while shouting earlier that electricity companies are over charging customers by 50%. His Congress allies were quick to ask that what the difference between AAP & Congress is as both were doing the same thing. He now sides with defaulters of electricity bills of last 10 months & make state go in another financial ruin. His health minister brought in AAP volunteers in hospitals & these volunteers started shouting & screaming at doctors where active surgery was going on & they didn’t spare labor room too. His education minister proposes 90% reservation in DU for people from Delhi; just imagine media noise if Raj Thackrey or Shiv Sena would have said the same. His law minister calls for meeting of judges in name of improving efficiency. Yogendra Yadav says he support more caste based reservations, Prashant Bhushan said he would support plebiscite in J&K and if plebiscite’s outcome is anti-India, than he is fine with it. Bhushan also says that we should do plebiscite before we put CRPF in Naxal areas.  Kejriwal made huge noise on every political party breaking another political party to remain in power but he himself broke JDU MLA, who will soon join AAP. To top it all Kejriwal ran away from his own Swaraj in Janta Darbar. People who he called God before elections became bheed & he now wants to control them through police.

Kejriwal & AAP are looking increasingly like Tahalka magazine of politics, all song & dance of morality & ethics in beginning but ending up in jail for rape charges & immorality in end. People, who supported Kejriwal, weren’t tired of comparing him with character of Anil Kapoor in Nayak movie. But someone please tell them that Anil Kapoor didn’t make government with Amrish Puri in Nayak & road justice of movies can’t really be replicated in real life. Since media can’t flog dead Congress horse as many educated people have become repulsive to Congress, so Modi hating media is doing propaganda for Kejriwal’s or any so called leader of AAP’s every small move. They have almost forgotten that there is India beyond Delhi & politicians beyond Kejriwal. For Delhi based media India has become some neglected North East state on which they never do reporting. I just hope that people can see through smokescreen as Kejriwal is proving to be a fake superman who couldn’t even crawl & won’t waste their vote & support which may contribute to instability after 2014 elections. If you are willing to give failed superman time to do his failed experiments at your cost than why can’t you be wiser for 2014 elections & give support to already proven Modiji so that he can implement his proven solutions? Is it too hard to understand? 

Vande Mataram

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