Sunday, February 23, 2014

What might be Modiji’s worldview- Basis of Foreign Policy in Modiji’s Future Government

I am no expert in foreign policy but as a Global Indian & keen follower of Modiji & BJP’s politics over one & half decade, I have just tried to look, what would be basis of India's relation with outer world under Modiji's govt. If you have been watching Narendra Modi’s speeches than slowly Foreign Policy of Modiji led BJP is emerging. I will try to summarize it;
·         China- After Today’s rally in Arunachal, I can safely conclude that with China it would be practical talks as a self-respecting nation & kind of talks which happens between two equal powers. We might see resolution of Arunachal issue & clear recognition of Mc-Mohan line. Modiji will leverage Tibet issue & try to get China out from Aksai Chin area.
·         Pakistan- It would be tough retaliation based approach if Pak doesn’t stop its terror activities against India. There can be great advancement in normalization of Indo-Pak relation if Pak sheds its bleeding India to death mindset & put its house in order.
·         Bangladesh- It would be tough stand on illegal migration into India, but mutual development projects in Oil & Gas, Ports Development & retail sector.
·         Srilanka- Modiji will insist on territorial integrity of Srilanka but will emphasize on giving political autonomy to Tamils in Srilanka.
·         Nepal- Modiji will insist on development & mutual respect based ties with Nepal. He may try to remove China’s influence in Nepal.
·         Afghanistan- Modi led government will invest heavily in Infrastructure & social sector. Afghanistan will be a key strategic balance against any evil design of Pakistan.  
·         Modiji today made a great point regarding Hindus facing trouble anywhere in the world. He said his government will welcome Hindus facing atrocities in their native land as India is natural choice for them to come & settle. He made this comments for Pakistani, Bangladeshi & Fijian Hindus facing atrocities in their land. I would just want him to expand this definition to some other minorities such as Ahmedias, Sikhs & Christians in Bangladesh & Pakistan.
·         EU- Modiji will focus more on building relation with EU countries than US. Technical collaboration with EU will happen in area of Wind Energy, Industrial machineries & nuclear power. He might visit EU countries first than US.
·         Russia- It will be building on old relationship & joint investment in hi tech defense sector.
·         US- with US, Modiji will insist on partnership of Equals & make US recognize India's interest first. He won’t toe US line on international forums unless it suits India’s interests. He will leverage India vis a vis China.
·         Japan & Korea- Modiji will treat Japan & Korea as the most trusted partner in terms of Infrastructure Development & revival of ship building sector.
·         South East Asia-With South East Asia, it would be rekindling of Look East policy of Atal Bihari VajpayeeJi & strengthening civilizational ties between SE Asian countries & India.
·         Africa- With Africa, he would try to outdo China by emphasizing on old cultural links & become Africa's development partner by giving & taking solution for common problems such as poverty alleviation, drinking water, electricity & use of IT.
·         Middle East Asia-With Middle East, he might try to balance Saudi Arabia & Iran. He might have a tilt towards Iran over Saudi Arabia.
·         Israel- Israel is going to be a major partner in terms of anti-terrorism, agriculture & advance defense technology specifically anti-missile shield development.
·         South America- He might try to develop deeper relationship based on cultural, sport exchanges & use of natural resources.

I am again reiterating that I am no expert, but I think Modiji’s foreign policy will broadly revolve around above points. 

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