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Kejriwal & AAP Leadership- I doubt Your Intentions

As a school kid, I participated many times in Republic day parade & functions on 26th January, When not in school, I watched republic day parade on TV to see different contingent of armed forces & diversity of India. Pride with which our armed forces march is infectious. The armed forces are defenders of our republic & republic day is celebrated as day of adopting our constitution & in honor of our armed forces. Various state processions that we see just give a glimpse of diversity & complexity of our nation. Those who understand it understand the value of Republic Day. Those who follow AAP politics closely will know what I am going to say next. I can't respect any Indian who disrespects this festival of democracy & when I heard Kejriwal saying that republic day is nothing but procession for VIPs & threatened to fill Rajpath with his AAP supporters, I was shocked beyond words & wondered if any patriotic Indian can ever say such thing.

I have been a critique of Kejriwal or former Anna movement people starting a new political party because I knew that this move will only help Congress. I, like many other Indians, have an opinion that Congress & its style of politics is root cause of all evils in India & unless you have Congress completely removed from India, we won’t be able to make very significant difference in India. Therefor whosoever ends up giving & taking support of Congress politically ultimately ends up helping its survival. I must remind you that Congress of 1940s is very different than Congress which is now a proprietary of a family & its sycophants.  Many will remember that IAC movement was started in backdrop of rampant corruption scandals of Congress by likes of Sri Sri Ravishankar & later joined by Annaji, Arvind Kejriwal. Before even IAC was born people like Baba Ramdev & RSS affiliate organizations were raising awareness about corruption of Congress government. I was also trying to do my best to spread awareness through whatever public forum & social media tools access I had. I was thrilled by IAC movement & supported it & was on Ramleela grounds when Annaji broke fast on 27th August 2011.  Events which happened after August 2011 dismayed me as I saw people like Kejriwal trying to play mischief with Annaji. I liked activist Kejriwal & like many, promoted his pictures of sleeping at train station via available channels. Later on news reports started coming that Kejriwal is about to ditch IAC movement for politics, under influence of former Congress strategist & Rahul Gandhi adviser like Yogendra Yadav, Sonia’s NAC member & Arvind’s guru Aruna Roy, known Narendra Modi hater Ashutosh Gupta (Former IBN7 editor & Now AAP LS candidate) & Prashant Bhushan. I started doubting Kejriwal’s intent & reason behind his desire to form political party. A well informed activist like Arvind Kejriwal already knows what the root cause of India’s problem is, but when instead of removing that root cause, he starts helping in its survival by attacking the people who can definitely finish Congress, than it’s obvious his intents are not pure. As I said earlier I liked activist Kejriwal, but after seeing his range of activities after he formed political party, I don’t like politician Kejriwal.

There are various reasons, over a period of time, which led me to conclusion that Kejriwal & current top leadership of AAP is carrying out Sonia Gandhi’s agenda. There was a great hope in some when AAP won 28 seats in Delhi Assembly elections & got a chance to form government as it provided Arvind Kejriwal a chance to walk the talk. It’s very rare you get what you wish for in politics so soon. City state of Delhi, with less rural population provided a great platform to practice his absurd communist inspired theories.

As we all know that there is great difference between theory & practice. Kejriwal started realizing it soon that shouting slogans as activist is entirely different from governing even city state like Delhi. Some of his stupid ideas which miserably failed included having volunteers oversee hospitals (which ended up volunteers shouting at doctors who are performing operation), midnight raid & public shaming of  African women by following majoritarian view of a locality, some lame duck idea of Swaraj Janta Darbar (later turned out he stole Swaraj book from Ajay Pal Nagar) from which he ran away on first day, idea of providing reservation in Delhi colleges to Delhites alone by completely ignoring that Delhi being national capital is melting pot of India (how different it is from Raj Thackrey does in Mumbai?), giving out doles & subsidies of electricity & water to non-needy people which doesn’t help in creating long term sustainable asset, shouting that Discoms are looters but ultimately paying them back in form of subsidy, calling Mukesh Ambani biggest corrupt but paying his brother 323 crore in power subsidies, fooling Autowallahs & temporary workers by promising the moon & not delivering the mustard seeds. He also claimed that his corruption helpline has received more than 1 lakh calls but here is loophole, out of those calls only 1200 were considered prosecutable, out of these prosecutable calls conviction will happen in less than 50 cases, so what Kejriwal has achieved by having this helpline? No one in AAP now takes name of Mohalla Sabha based ticket distribution of Loksabha candidates & winnability or connection with Kejriwal has become only criteria. His tenure of 49 days is full of several such contradictions between walk & talk. In-fact walk & talk contradictions started when after saying it openly that he won’t ever join politics to taking Congress support in forming his government.

Inspite of all goof ups & U-Turns which Kejriwal has made as politician so far, lots of his supporters still believe that his intentions can’t be a suspect. But as a keen watcher of Congress style politics & seeing Kejriwal following the same, I have great doubts on intentions of Kejriwal & current AAP Leadership. It’s a known fact that Kejriwal & Sisodia have been receiving funds from Ford Foundation & foreign agencies for a long time. Prashant Bhushan somehow feels that giving referendum rights to Kashmiri separatists & tribal in Maoist areas is a brilliant idea. With anti-dam activist like Medha & anti-nuclear power activist Udaykumar as prominent candidates how exactly AAP wants to make energy hungry India as energy surplus state? AAP is inviting known convicted Maoist murderers like Soni Sori & Sabyasachi Panda (he killed 80 years old sanyasi Lakshmananand Saraswati) in AAP, I fail to understand how it will strengthen India. AAP thinks that all capitalists, except Jindals, Munjals & Bajajs, are bad & never say a single word against coal scam tainted Jindals.

Suddenly on eve of one of the most important general election we are hearing from so called great anti-corruption activist, as politician saying that Communalism is bigger threat than corruption.  Kejriwal also raised flag that Batla House encounter as fake & wrote to free khalistani terrorist from jail. Recently lots of people who were involved as founding members in AAP such as Madhu Bhaduri (Former Indian Ambassador to Portugal) & Ashwini Upadhyay (head-legal cell), have raised so many questions on functioning of AAP & Kejriwal. Kejriwal, who likes to ask all in universe his questions as quiz master, is not even responding to his own colleague’s queries. I have also tried asking many questions to AAP leadership via social media but none of them responded.   People who are getting ticket for Lok Sabha in AAP without doing any work in past for AAP has created a lot of issues related to failing of internal swaraj in AAP.  Just an example of his double speak can be how he has given ticket to Yuvdhir Khyaliya, who replaced Ashok Khemka and gave clean chit to Robert Vadra in DLF scam while Kejriwal himself never gets tired of taking credit of exposing Vadra scam! Kejriwal & his AAP looks like more and more smaller version of Congress, which tried to rule via pseudo secularism, lies & fooling people. Only difference which I am able to see between Congress & AAP is Congress fooled poor & illiterate while AAP & Kejriwal are able to fool educated people. I would have still given AAP a chance if they first proved themselves in governing city state like Delhi & than thought of big national ambition. But it felt like AAP under Kejriwal & Yadav is more interested in running Sonia Gandhi’s agenda of cutting anti Congress, pro BJP votes in urban pockets than doing any good for common public.

AAP & its leadership seem to be more interested in hogging TV time by making outrageous allegations & doing one drama after other. Kejriwal & AAP are adding nothing but nuisance value in otherwise an election which might be giving India a clear cut winner in form of Narendra Modi. I hear lots of people as saying that Kejriwal is behaving like a Mohalla aunty, whose fame is based on gossip mongering & finding fault about all people & their families in Mohalla while saying that her kids are greatest of all. What gives backing to my doubts on Kejriwal & AAP’s intention is suddenly anti-corruption party has become anti Narendra Modi party. If you heard any of Kejriwal’s recent speeches 99% of its content is about Narendra Modi is being a demon who will kill us all if he comes to power. He recently went to Gujarat on study tour to check development in Gujarat. It’s so funny that a person who was earlier issuing honesty certificates will now start issuing development certificate too & have diversified his certification portfolio. I have lived in Gujarat since 2003 & own property in one of the best Gujrat cities so I have seen what kind of development Narendra Modi has done in Gujarat. but item Girl of Politics is behaving like gutter inspector or infact like a foreign tourist, who if he wants, will find filth in NewYork, London, Paris & click pictures to show how backward these places still are! Readers are mature enough to make their decision on what Narendra Modi has done. When Kejriwal says he wants to show people truth of Gujarat by telling lies than it pains me to see how low he has fallen. He could have shown how different India would be under him by ruling Delhi but he decided to run away in pretext of not passing Jan Lokpal while Orissa assembly passed Lokayukt bill at same time without any fuss. If he did something good I would have been interested in listening to his criticism of Narendra Modi, who has been developing Gujarat on positive agenda while Kejriwal only talks negative about everything under the sun.

I have problem with Kejriwal telling contradictory lies with innocent face & it doesn’t inspire confidence in me regarding his intentions. I doubt Kejriwal’s intentions as he is more interested in doing drama by sleeping on road, having more anti nationals & fringe elements in AAP, destabilizing India by fractured mandate & hog more TV time by hook or crook. If sleeping on roads could bring revolutions, many animals are doing it since centuries. At a time when India needs stable government under able leadership, Kejriwal’s agenda seems to be keeping Congress relevant by cutting anti Congress votes. I always remember one Sanskrit proverb “अतिविनयम धूर्त लक्षणम्-Extra Humility is Sign of a Thug” but never fully understood its meaning till I saw Kejriwal & Yogendra Yadav speaking on various issues. Just watch them how easily Kejriwal’s travels in charted plane & calls it necessity & welfare of Aam Admi. Just hear how easily he & AAP switch from “में तो छोटा आदमी हूँ मेरी क्या औकात है” to Kejriwal is Ex CM & everyone should give him that respect & privilege. Kejriwal made impossible promises with impossible deadlines & couldn’t deliver inspite of having a good chance. His real intention feels to be of a spoiler who can be helpful to Congress by creating fractured mandate but Indian democracy at this stage needs an experience person with proven track record. In my view India doesn’t need Kejriwal type self-confessed anarchist in 2014 election who is just adding nuisance value. I know a country which can make best use of his & his comrade’s Goebbels type propaganda & contradictory lying skills-North Korea. Kejriwal & AAP expertise will have their best use under Kim in North Korea. Kejriwal please think about my suggestion seriously & spare my country of your drama. 

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