Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Reasons Why I am Campaigning & Will Vote for Narendra Modi

History sometimes gives you a golden opportunity, where you can proudly proclaim to your future generations that you played your role the best you could do to your abilities. Whatever may be the outcome of that opportunity but the satisfaction that you weren’t sitting on fence & took the side that you believed is worth supporting, will stay with you for long. India’s 2014 general elections are such opportunity for me. It would be an election which will decide future course of India’s direction & results of this election have far reaching consequences. I won’t call it a battle of ideologies as Narendra Modi’s opposition doesn’t have any ideology at all. I will call it a fight between a nationalist force that wants to see India as self-sufficient & prosperous nation versus opportunists & corrupts who just want status quo so that their business runs as usual.  

Like many Indians, I am earning my living abroad but as the advertisement of Siyaram Suiting say “You can take an Indian out of India but you can’t take India out of an Indian” my heart always remains in India. When you live outside India, you would see how the systems have made everyday life of the citizens so easy. You don’t face corruption in everyday life & if someone violates the law, there are only two options, either pay very heavy penalty or go to jail. Society in general also have move beyond conflicting mode to harmonious mode & awaken voters are backbone of these western democracies.  What I like about some of the matured Western democracies is the fact that it’s the democracy which goes to people if people can’t go to democracy. Just to elaborate I will give few examples like allowing legal foreign nationals to vote in local municipality elections as foreigners are also part of user group which uses local services or allowing citizens living away from their voting constituencies to vote via their embassy or online or being quick & responsive in solving people’s issues in transparent manner. I always wondered why it’s not possible in India to do so & was happy to see Modi’s Gujarat moving in right direction in certain aspects. I lived & worked in Gujarat so I know the progress under leadership of Narendra Modi. Modi is having all bright ideas & proven track record to implement his proven solutions. So when election dates were announced I said good bye to all ifs, buts & neutrality & landed in India to vote & support Narendra Modi for PM campaign.

Festival of democracy has already begun on 7th April from North East of India. Many will know that in Vaastu North East direction is considered most auspicious. So as believer in Indian Traditions, only auspicious thing I expect as outcome is Narendra Modi as PM. I have been trying to do campaign for NaMo in all possible ways, which includes standing at Metro Stations in Delhi wearing NaMo T-Shirt, Scarf, Badge & Topi. Also pasting stickers at the back of Autos after permission from Autowallahs, shaking hands with people & asking them to vote for Modi. I am also wearing NaMo T shirt & Badge when I am at Airport or in flights. I will be voting in NCR region on 10th April for NaMo. I hope each one of us will play their part in this make or break elections. I just request everyone to not to sit on fence, choose your side judiciously & join the battle. Always remember that this election is national election & not election of your ward or state. The best of all deserves your vote & support. For me it’s Narendra Modi, who has all practical experience & proven solutions to solve India’s problem.

This is just like war of Mahabharat, at the end only good should come out & like Mahabharat, we all have to choose side & join the battle. I know we all are not like Sun, which comes every morning & removes all darkness in one go, but we are like small lamps, which when put together has best chance of outshining the Sun. let’s participate as it’s time to put India First.

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