Thursday, January 05, 2012

You are on Right Track Arvind Kejriwal Ji..

This blog is in response to the article written by Arvind Kejriwal in TOI.

( Updated in September 2012- I no longer support Arvind Kejriwal as he has started his political party which I think is harmful for Anti Congress movement which I support. I support AnnaJi & his group who want non political pressure group to fight & change system) 

Peed Parvat Ban Gayi Hai Ab Pighalna Chahiye.. Is HImalay Se Koi Ganga Nikalna Chahiye.. Mere Seene me Nahi to Tere Seene Me Sahi.. Ho Kahin bhi Aag Magar Aag Jalna Chahiye... Gopaldas Niraj.

Dear Mr. Kejriwal,

I hope that you are doing well. I have followed the anti corruption movement for a long time and in my capacity as ordinary citizen of India played my part wherever and whichever way I could. The anti corruption movement grew bigger everyday because the patriots all across the India and their respective organizations participated in anti corruption movement in big way.

What is happening right now was expected by all right thinking people.. I have vowed way back in 1996 (I wasnt even a eligible voter at that time) I wont ever vote for Congress..As after my careful analysis I concluded that its the congress which is responsible for all ills in india. I am not saying that all other parties are bathing everyday in Gangaji but when you have a choice of choosing a lesser thief among all than Congress then I would definitely prefer any other party over it. Congress and its leaders disgust me and fill me with hopelessness that until these corrupt leeches are at helm nothing is going to change in India..

Its the Congress culture which is responsible for all the ills in India.. Its the congress culture which never allowed real democracy to take its place.. its the congress which never allowed good quality education at primary level so that the whole country becomes educated and can think before voting.. Its the congress culture which is responsible for all terrorism in India.. Its the congress culture which is responsible for all corruption in India.. and what that Congress culture is?? The congress culture of dynastic rule .. the congress culture for maintaining status quo.. the congress culture which never allows a common man to get elected but allows only sons and daughters of the politicians to come stand in elections.. This congress culture has destroyed India from with in.. If young Indians ever want to see developed India they have to throw the corrupt congress and its leaders to bay of bengal, arabian sea, ganga or brahamputra river or indian ocean whichever is near by. The congress will never allow any honest person to do the right thing as they all are thieves to the core.. They have mastered the art of looting public money and slander campaigns.. They cant see a Narendra Modi as PM otherwise he will destroy their personal empires of billions of dollars which was looted from common Indian masses.. The congress has kept the common India poor and uneducated so that it can live on their ignorance..

I dont understand the mindset of those who are opposing Your & Baba Ramdev's noble cause. I mean what exactly is their problem? You all are just discharging your duty as concerned citizen of India.. If we remove corruption from India than whose benefit is that? Indian public is not a fool now and it can differentiate between good and evil.. something doesnt become automatically bad if RSS touches it.. if RSS or Modi were so bad people or if there was a single evidence against them.. I dont think congress and Italian Mafia would have waited a single minute to hang them and ban them.. they are just harping on to divert people's attention.. they dont have problem when anti nationals hold meetings in delhi and they take their turn to protect them but they use their brutal force against innocent citizen and warrior patriotic sanyasi of India.. I am ashamed by the fact that I am being ruled by such corrupt thugs

Arvind Ji.. A request to you.. Please dont talk rubbish about RSS.. Its because of RSS and its teaching of nationalism & high moral character, that RSS volunteers like me support anti corruption movement.. It doesnt matter to to who leads it whether its Anna or anybody else.. I will even support an animal who is going to fight against the corrupts & anti nationals.. What Sar Sanghchalak Bhagwat ji has said that many RSS volunteers like me supported anti corruption movement out of love for our motherland.. RSS is doing this job without seeking any publicity and its been doing this before you were born.. I just want you to be respectful as far as RSS is concerned. One of the reasons why there was low turnout in your Mumbai fasts this time was you thought that its all you who is responsible for maximum turnout in your Delhi protests. You fail to appreciate that it was support of patriotic organization like RSS which worked as wonder for anti corruption protests.

The congress funded & leftist leaning english media is doing stupid & dangerous campaign to malign one of the most patriotic organization of this country. The word Swayamsevak means the person who is self motivated to do Seva & doesnt look for anything in return. I wonder what makes "con"grOss people comment about RSS giving support to Anna's movement against corruption. As per these stupid Congies does corruption becomes good if RSS opposes it? Does terrorism & maoism becomes good because RSS opposes it? Does minority appeasement, Castism & lip services for poor becomes good because RSS opposes it? I mean there is no limit to Congis mental bankrupcy.

The "Con"grOss which was crying for following the parliamentary procedures was caught with its pents down when it allowed Rahul to speak on Janlokpal in zero hour without any previous notice. They murdered democracy in Rajya Sabha, when they didnt allowed the voting on the bill and shamelessly declared sine die. The ruling elites of congress think that they can rule the ignorant masses like the way they were ruling them till now. They fail to understand that we the young people of India dont have any past baggaes and majority of us have made their own destiny through hard work. "Con"GrOss= Corruption .. Its because of this simple equation the congress thinks whosoever is against corruption is against them.
For most of the people paying bribe is like getting raped mentally.. Majority doesnt want to give bribe but they are forced to do so if they have to get their work done. Just take a simple case of train tickets, the govt should have more and more trains available when there is festive season as more people travel to their home but they dont do it and it creates supply and demand constraints and there are always people who are willing to pay or take a bribe in such situations. In my view the bribe giver and taker, both are committing an offense but we have to see that most of the times bribe giver doesnt do it out of happiness. Since past many years, when I started understanding the situation in India, I came to conclusion that its the "Con"grOss which is root cause of all evils in India. They are the biggest communal and castist party in India. I am happy that people now can see through their design and force them to go in shell. But I know congress will try to confuse the common public and discredit the people who arer leading the movement like the way they are doing with Bhushans in CD case. They tried it with Anna, Baba Ramdev, Arvind kejariwal & Kiran Bedi too but couldnt succeed as majority of the people were able to see through their designs. I have a belief that Congress will not allow to pass a strong Lokpal as it will reach the Gandhi family and expose their corruption.

The best and often quoted definition of democracy is .. it’s the govt “of the people” “for the people” & “by the people” .. I think our politicians forgot “ Of & For” the people and you and me know that its majority of the times the poor and uneducated who generally have less idea about the real issues go for voting and we all so called educated individuals go on picnic on that day.. so political class only cared about those who vote them in power.. so in case of India “by the people” thing wasn’t functioning lot many people are not casting their votes..

But now the politicians, specially from “con”gross party (as they know rural people vote for them) are afraid that if the middle and educated class awakens than it would be trouble for it in coming election..That’s what we all have to do.. we have to vote at any cost.. but we all educated indians have to take a pledge that we wont ever vote for congress.. You can vote for any other party but NOT congress.. that’s the only thing we have in our hand in this democracy. I am really happy that the discussion topic between youth has changed to corruption, nation and other burning issues instead of which movie was good and what cloths to wear.. It’s a transformation which will shape the destiny of India.. You guys keep on doing the good work.. individuals like me will support you in full capacity.. Our strategy should be two pronged

1) To continue awaken the masses.. specially the poor ones.. about the ills of corruption
2) Get involved in political process by tactically supporting the ones who stand for fight against corruption.. take the pledge from the candidates on stamp paper and make it legally binding for them..

In my view This two pronged approach is the only solution as we should not be involved actively in politics...

I have always believed that we small common people are not like Sun which will rise in morning and take away the whole darkness with it but we are small diyas and if we stand united we have our best chance of outshining the sun.

Vande Mataram.. Bharat Mata ki Jai.

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