Monday, September 28, 2009

Is Pure Love an Oudated Concept & Practical Convenience is More Important?

वियोगी होगा पहला कवि , आह से उपजा होगा गान ,
निकलकर नयनों से चुपचाप , बही होगी कविता अनजान !!
"सुमित्रानंदन पन्त"

Closest English translation that I could come up with is " The first poet must have been in sad mood, the song would have been originated from his deep pain. The unknown poem must have been flown down quietly from his eyes."

I have always felt that when you want to write a poem you should have some mood first. This mood can be about anything, but it should be strong enough to arose your passion. Some subjects which are capable of doing that to me are patriotism, sadness out of love, philosophy, motivational feelings and love itself. What Sumitranandan ji is saying I believe in that. He was one of the greatest Hindi poet of modern times.

What I am trying to say is Love or deep feelings for certain things can change your life in a way that you can ever imagine. The same love used to be my source of strength and the same love has become cause of great sadness and pain. But what should be anyone's approach while dealing with such matters. Is love really an outdated concept now, which everyone uses for just having some quick gratification? or its much more than the practical convenience. A dilemma is always better when question of whole life is involved as your present actions decides your life's future.

Anyone's life is made up of their own unique experiences. How you grew up, plays very important part in your future life. This decides your likings and dislikings for certain issues and its really difficult to let go of it. This becomes part of individuality and if you are really a big egoist you wont compromise on any of theose things. Of their past experiences, some people change bad things and keep things, which they think good, throughout their life. I now know that because of this only elders say that they will decide our life partners. As they generally see it all while deciding on your marriage. I never knew it but now learned it in hard ways.

Earlier I was of thinking that its love alone which is sufficient to get you through life and its the only important thing. But now I learned that love will only work when both people are ready to make little adjustments for each other. Love is an important part but other things are also equally important. How much adjustments two people along with love can do for each other, is going to define, how successful your relationship is going to be. This thing will again work if one of the partner is ready to sacrifice it all for other. But this situation is not right and situation will become worse after sometime. Some people also believe that " you shouldnt try to become good for anyone, if you are bad than expectations from you are less and you can live a life which doesnt involve anyone's interference, as people will generally stay away from you."

It seemed a very interesting thought to me but I couldnt digest it. It seemed like more of a negative protentionist measure which you are building for keeping a status quo. I believe that status quo is not good if it was build upon negative thoughts. So I am in some way opposite to that thought. I think that there is no good in being bad, it hurts you in similar ways as it does to others and mostly it hurts those who are very close to you. These are the people whom you always wanted to keep happy so why to make them sad because of your bad behaviour.

I always believed that everyone deserves the right to be a little bit selfish and think of their own good. So keeping everything in perspective I believe that pure love with practical considerations is best solution of all.

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